Modern irrigation system design

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Course Duration: 10 Days

Duration (Hrs) 50 Hours/Hours

Course Mentor: Higher Engineering Sciences Institute for Training

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Course Description

Learn about irrigation scheduling and of measurement soil moisture content methods, types and components of sprinkler irrigation systems, sprinkler irrigation systems hydraulics, planning, design and evaluation of traditional sprinkler irrigation systems, design and evaluation of the centre pivot irrigation system. Knowledge of the types of drip irrigation systems and their importance, planning, design and evaluation of drip irrigation systems, calculating the diameter and discharge of the main and sub- main line, standards and methods of adding chemical fertilizers, clogging of drippers and methods of filtration

The purpose of the Course

Improving and developing skills of the trainees through the use of contemporary approaches in designing modern irrigation systems and all that is needed to the agricultural engineer and technician to manage, operate, design and evaluate drip and sprinkler irrigation systems in successful field irrigation and garden irrigation projects. It also assists farm managers in implementing irrigation projects. There will also be exercises and activities during the training time. Finally, Motivating and preparing trainees to fill technical and professional positions currently available in the labour market.

Detailed objectives of the course 

  • Irrigation scheduling and soil moisture content measurement methods.
  • Calculations of irrigation time and interval between irrigations.
  • Types and components of sprinkler irrigation systems.
  • Criteria for selecting sprinklers, their types, and arranging sprinklers models.
  • Hydraulics of sprinkler irrigation systems, water flow in pipes and friction losses.
  • Planning and designing traditional sprinkler irrigation systems and calculating the diameters of the main and sub main lines and their discharges.
  • Evaluation of conventional sprinkler systems.
  • Operation of the centre pivot irrigation system.
  • Design and evaluation of the centre pivot irrigation system.
  • The concept of drip irrigation, its importance, types, advantages and disadvantages.
  • Planning and designing drip irrigation systems, calculating the diameter and discharges of the main and submain lines.
  • Design criteria and hydraulics.
  • Drippers clogging and filtration
  • Standards for adding chemicals methods.

Field performance and evaluation of the drip irrigation system

The target audience

This course is designed for:

  • Agricultural Development Fund.
  • Project managers and assistant project managers.
  • Irrigation engineers and agricultural technicians.

It also focuses on individuals who wish to develop their skills in design modern irrigation networks.