Hydraulic foundations for wells and pumps

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Offline Price: SAR 2550

Course Duration: 5 Days

Duration (Hrs) 25 Hours/Hours

Course Mentor: Higher Engineering Sciences Institute for Training

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Course Description

Knowledge about the theory of groundwater flow, hydraulics and wells design, methods and guidelines for drilling, maintaining and testing wells. Also, the types of pumps are also studied, pump capacity calculations, performance curves, pump operating point, installation, operation, maintenance and testing of pumps

The purpose of the Course

Strengthening the development of the trainees’ skills through the application of internationally accepted modern approaches in the wells and pumps hydraulics Basics and all that is necessary for the agricultural engineer and technician to manage, operate and maintain the project of drilling wells and installing pumps in modern field irrigation projects successfully. It also assists farm managers in testing, designing or installing wells and pumps. During the training period, activities and practical exercises will be carried out. Finally, providing employees with the necessary skills to fill technical and technical jobs that are available in the labour market.

Detailed objectives of the course 

  • Groundwater Flow Theory.
  • Hydraulics of wells.
  • Design of wells.
  • Methods of drilling, testing, operating and maintaining wells.
  • Types of pumps.
  • Types of centrifugal pumps and their hydraulics similarities.
  • Installing, operating, maintaining and testing pumps.
  • Calculation the power of pumps.
  • Performance curves for pumps and how to choose pumps.

Connecting the pumps and the optimal operating point

The target audience

This course is designed for:

Project managers and assistant project managers

  • Irrigation engineers and agricultural technicians

It also focuses on individuals who wish to develop their skills in learning the basics of wells and pumps hydraulic in modern irrigation projects.