About Us

Engineering Science Institute for Training (ESI) is an ISO 9001:2015 certified Training Institute, it is one of the leading and specialized institutes in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia and it is the only institute which provides specialized and certified Training Courses in all disciplines of Engineering, Information Technology (IT), various Managements and Technical areas.  Its sole goal is to enhance individuals’ skills, knowledge and professionalism to pursuit their career development efficiently.  As for corporate trainings to the Public and Private entities to elevate their employees’ standard to match with the latest evolutions, thus, the individuals who are trained by ESI shall excel in their fields.

Courses’ Recognition and Authenticity

All the training courses of ESI are being supervised by Technical & Vocational Training Corporation (TVTC) of Saudi Arabia and Saudi Council of Engineers (SCE).  Upon completion of any course, ESI shall issue “The Training Completion Certificate” duly endorsed by TVTC to the trainees.

ESI Accreditations and Other Partnerships

ESI has various Accreditations and other type of Partnerships such as Affiliation, Authorized Training Partner (ATP), Corporate Client, Approved Examination Center (AEC), Memorandum of Understanding (MoU), Network Partner, Reseller Partner, etc. of the following reputed national and international institutes and organizations:

Institute Credence

Accredited by the General Organization for Technical Education and Vocational Training:

All of the institute’s programs include qualification and development courses approved by the Technical and Vocational Training Corporation TVTC. The trainee deserves a training certificate certified by the Technical and Vocational Training Corporation after completing the training program.

Institute accredited by the American Project Management Institute (PMI® ATP):

The Institute of Engineering Sciences for Training aims to qualify the trainees scientifically and practically to master the science and art of project management, so we seek to have the educational material, trainer and certificate accredited by the Project Management Institute (PMI® ATP) to provide project management professionally in accordance with international project management standards.

Training institute, and tests accredited by AUTODESK®:

AUTODESK® is one of the largest engineering design software companies in the world, with a diversity of programs available in more than 85 countries and 18 languages, and the Institute of Engineering Sciences is one of the training and testing institutes accredited by Autodesk. For more information http://www.autodesk.com .

An international test center accredited by PERSON VUE:

An international test center accredited by PERSON VUE with the number 83939SIDE ID in order to enhance and raise the efficiency of training to obtain professional and internationally accredited international certificates. Pearson VUE is a leading company in the field of international electronic tests and is globally recognized, and its tests are received by more than 14 million people around the world and offers more than 450 international exams and for more information www.vue.com

Vision and Mission

Our vision

To be a pioneer in engineering training at the local, Gulf and international levels in preparing future leaders in engineering and technical disciplines.

Our Mission

Preparing engineering cadres in line with modern professional requirements in the engineering and technical field, and providing a professional training environment, and excellence in that.

Our Clients

Classification of the Courses

The training courses which are being conducted by ESI are of the following categories:

Certified Courses – Business-to-Business (B2B)

ESI has accreditations of various reputed national and international organizations/institutes, thus, it has an agreement with all its accreditation partners of “Authorized Training Partner (ATP)”, therefore, all their devised certification courses with their training materials are conducted by ESI’s certified trainers and if necessary, ESI shall arrange the trainers from its accreditation partners.

ESI Customized – Business-to-Consumer (B2C)

Based on the current market demand, ESI meticulously devising its courses with a view to provide maximum benefit to its trainees.  The formulation and review of these courses are under supervision of ESI Academic team.

ESI Customized Courses as per Clients’ Requirements (B2C)

ESI precisely customizing courses in accordance to the requirements of its clients.

For more details of the aforementioned courses, please contact us or visit Website of its respective Accreditation Partner for the Certified Courses.

Salient Features of ESI Courses

The following are some of the selected Salient Features that ESI undertake and efficiently implemented in conducting its training courses:

Trainers’ Competence and Training Techniques

ESI has always designate highly qualified, experienced and professional trainer to accomplish all the requirements for efficient commencement and completion of every training course.

Trainers’ Technique of Delivering Lecture

ESI constantly monitor to ensure that the trainers’ clear demonstration and technique of delivering lecture is effective and their efficient interaction with the trainees.

Course Materials

The Training Kits (Training Manual, Handouts, Worksheets, Revision Tests, etc.) shall be prepared by the concerned trainer and reviewed & approved by the Academic team.  The Training Manuals that shall be provided to the trainees are meticulously prepared and they shall very useful as reference guide to them in future.

Complaint about Quality of Training, Services and Facilities

ESI is committed to provide high quality training courses with all the essential facilities and utilities to acquire the trust and satisfaction of trainees, clients and the accreditation partners.  In order to maintain professionalism, international standard, the complaints are invited to honour and positively address them.

Standard Training Facilities, Utilities and Training Aids

  • The lecture halls at ESI premises are standard with all the facilities, utilities and training aids, latest equipment and appliances.
  • All the training aids (computers, audio and video systems, etc.) are of latest and branded models, thus, the trainings are being efficiently conducted.

Appropriate Procedures for Distance Learning

  • All the Distance Learning Sessions are conducted via reliable Video Platforms such as Zoom and Microsoft Team, Links of these media are provided to the trainees prior to commencement of the courses.
  • In advance all the training materials shall be provided to all the trainees via appropriate media such as in person, courier service or electronic media.