BIM Level 2 / Modeling Part 2

Online price: SAR 1500

Offline Price: SAR 3000

Course Duration: 5 Days 06pm TO 10pm

Duration (Hrs) 20 Hours/Hours

Course Mentor: ESI

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The purpose of the course 

Because BIM (Building Information Modeling) is the most advanced technology in the field of design and constructions, we at ESI offer you a four-level training program:

  1. Modeling Part 1
  2. Modeling Part 2
  3. Coordination & Quantities Survey
  4. Management

Courses softwares:

Revit, Navisworks, Excel

Course Description

Together we will start to learn more about modeling by using many advanced commands such as Title Block preparing, revisions and issues schedules, mechanical calculations such as fans, pumps and thermal loads calculations, electrical calculations such as load calculations and balancing phases and many more.The most important outline in this level is how to convert AutoCAD drawings to a Revit project and how to export and print the drawings in different formats.

objectives of the training 

Plan View Controls
Sheet Issues/Revision
Mechanical & Electrical Calculations
Convert CAD Drawings to Revit Model
Export CAD Drawings from Revit

 first main topic

Plan View Controls
  • Advanced View Controls
  • Draft, Legend, Scope Box, Callout, Color fill
  • Elevation, Clipboard, Duplicate View
  • Materials & Parameters

 second main topic

Title Blocks
  • Create Title Block & Sheets
  • Sheet Issues/Revision
  • Filters

 third main topic

Mechanical Calculations
  • Heating and Cooling Loads Calculations
  • Calculations related flow in ducts and pipes
  • Generate Layout and Automatically Connection

 fourth main topic

Electrical Calculations
  • Panel Schedule
  • Transformer Connections Load Calculation Setting
  • Demand Factor Setting
  • Electrical Load Classifications

 fifth main topic

Revit & AutoCAD
  • Convert CAD Drawings to Revit Model
  • Export CAD Drawings from Revit