General AutoCAD Course – AutoCAD 2D

Online price: SAR 1200

Offline Price: SAR 2400

Course Duration: 5 days

Duration (Hrs) 30 Hours/Hours

Course date: 17/03/2024

Course date (2): 21/04/2024

Course date (3): 26/05/2024

Course date (4): 30/06/2024

Course Mentor: Higher Engineering Sciences Institute for Training

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AutoCAD 2D
It is a computer-aided engineering drawing and design program that supports the creation of 2D and 3D drawings. Also, it is indispensable for engineering students around the world. In addition, it is used in the largest and most engineering companies. Furthermore, it is important for students of civil, architectural, mechanical and electrical engineering, graduates and, professionals as well.

Course themes:

  • Introduction to AutoCAD.
  • Using the program’s user interface and how to adjust the settings.
  • Using the drawing commands (lines, circles, rectangle, polyline, arcs, polygons, hash).
  • Hashing and color gradations and completely changing its shape.
  • Editing modify commands, copying, moving the drawing, rotating, expanding the drawing, changing the scale, and many other uses.
  • Annotation commands add texts in the drawing, show the dimensions of the drawing, and insert tables.
  • Learn about layers.
  • Application on drawings and diagrams.
  • Drawing simple triangular geometric shapes.
  • Output and printing.