Reverse osmosis plants and how to control it

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Course Duration: 5 Days

Duration (Hrs) 23 Hours/Hours

Course Mentor: Higher Engineering Sciences Institute for Training

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Our planet’s water reserves are becoming more and more of a scarce resource. Water use for a series of domestic and industrial applications is governed by regulatory compliance requirements and numerous Health & Safety and Environmental (HSE) considerations. At the same time, disposal rules are also becoming increasingly stringent and pose demanding requirements which often require and dictate water treatment. On the other hand, water is priceless and irreplaceable. Every single drop needs to be managed carefully and sustainably.
Reverse Osmosis (RO) Desalination provides answers to all the above challenges.

Learning Objectives

After completing this course, the participants will be able to:
• Learn about water treatment methods in general
• Learn how to design a water treatment system for small and medium projects in a simple way
• Learn what are the stages usually adopted for water purification and how to choose them (sedimentation, coagulation and flocculation, filtration, reverse osmosis, hardening, iron removal and disinfection
• Study Reverse osmosis plants.

Target Audience

• Students of mechanical engineering and mechatronics departments
• Mechanical maintenance engineers
• Operations, maintenance and planning managers
• Operation and maintenance engineers
• Electrical Engineers
• Maintenance Supervisors
• Technicians in all areas of mechanical maintenance
• Chemical and environmental engineers
• Process engineers and process chemists working in reverse osmosis plants
• Drinking water quality regulators
• Water quality consultants

The Main Topic of the Course

 Water treatment operations in a desalination plant
 Mechanical equipment for the desalination plant
 Reverse osmosis process
 Sizing of reverse osmosis membranes
 The most important aspects of the maintenance and operation of the water desalination plant

Course Outlines and Training Plan

Module 1:

Principles and definitions of water desalination  Definitions of water desalination 
 Primary treatment 
 Final treatment 
 The difference between the word desalination and the word distillation 
 Technologies used for water desalination 
 Factors for using each type of desalination technology 
 Using desalination as an alternative, taking into account the cost of production per cubic meter 
 The impact of desalination technologies on the environment

Module 2:

Desalination of water by reverse osmosis theory
 Membrane water desalination technology 
 Reverse osmosis 
 The time of the onset of the reverse osmosis process 
 How to complete the reverse osmosis fresh water separation process 
 Membranes and how they work 
 Comparison of reverse osmosis membranes 
 Components of the reverse osmosis unit 
 The most important elements of evaluating the performance of the reverse osmosis unit 
 Factors affecting the operation performance of reverse osmosis technology

Module 3:

Primary and final treatment of desalinated water and auxiliary systems  The difference between desalination and water treatment in general 
 The importance of pretreatment on the performance of reverse osmosis units 
 Components of the entry system and primary treatment of feed water

Module 4:
Types of filters used in desalination units
 Sand filters 
 Cartridge filters 
 Other filters

Module 5:
The difference between natural osmosis and reverse osmosis  Definition of osmosis 
 Advantages and characteristics of reverse osmosis technology 
 Types of membranes used in desalination according to the degree of plankton and salt removal 
 Microfiltration or microfiltration 
 Ultrafiltration 
 Ultrafine filtration (nanofiltration). 
 Reverse osmosis membranes

Module 6:
The difference between microfiltration and reverse osmosis  The most important systems developed in the primary treatment systems for desalination of sea water 
 Components of a reverse osmosis seawater treatment unit 
 Stages of sand filter work

Module 7:
Reverse osmosis unit
 High pressure pump 
 Pressure vessels 
 Membrane

Module 8:
Operation and maintenance instructions for sea water desalination plants with reverse osmosis system

 Water properties

Module 9:
Operation instructions for the reverse osmosis desalination plant

 Pre-operational instructions 
 Start-up instructions for the reverse osmosis desalination plant 
 Manual operation of the feed pump 
 To automatically operate the feed pump
Module 10:
Measuring and controlling devices for the reverse osmosis stage  Instructions for operating the high pressure pump and the reverse osmosis stage