Projects Management Using Primavera P6 Advanced Level

Online price: SAR 1200

Course Duration: 5 Day

Duration (Hrs) 20 Hours/Hours

Course date: 29/05/2022

Course date (2): 02/10/2022

Course Mentor: ESI

Projects Management Using Primavera P6 Advanced Level

Course objectives:

  1. Training on updating project activities development data during the implementation phase .
  2. Create and implement reports related to project activities .
  3. Manage other users and determine the appropriate permissions for you as a user of the project database .
  4. Professional management of projects , whether small or medium or large .
  5. Managing the resources and expenses of the project well, which ensures a better utilization of the available resources .
  6. Managing project costs the right way.
  7. Monitor the development of activities in the project


  1. Passing the Primavera course (Project Management using Primavera Basic Level)
  2. He has previous knowledge of the basics of using the Primavera program
  3. It is preferable that he be familiar with the steps of implementing the projects .

Course topics:

It consists of four stages

  • The first stage: Project Tools and Advanced Update for the Development of Activities in the Project
  1.  Update Progress
  2. Update project activity progress data
  3. Global Change Update the data of a group of activities using
  4. Apply actuals Update activity data up to a certain date
  5. Reflection Update the project using
  6. Percent Complete Activity Completion Rate
  7. Activity Steps Activity steps
  8. User Defined Fields Add a new column
  9. Thresholds and Issues
  10. WPs and Documents Project files and documents
  11. Exporting and Importing Exporting and importing the project database
  12. Risk Management
  13. Download and install the latest version of the program Primavera P6
  14. Download and install the latest version of Primavera 6.
  • Second Stage: Primavera Administration
  1. Prim avera Administration Introduction _ _ _ _
  2. Admin Users control in users
  3. Admin Preferences
  4. Admin Categories
  5. Security Profiles User Permissions
  6. Currencies _
  7. Financial Period
  8. User Preferences
  • Third Stage: Project cost management
  1. Introduction to project costs Introduction to project costs
  1. Resources _
  2. Adding Resources add resources
  3. Resource Details Resource details
  4. Sort and filter resources Sort and filter resources
  5. Arrange the Resources using columns Arrange the Resources using columns
  6. Resource Codes
  7. Time Shifts Resource Shifts System _
  8. Roles Roles and linking them to project resources
  9. Resource Assignment Assign resources to activities
  10. Resource Usage Profile resource usage profile
  11. Resource Usage Spreadsheet _
  12. Resource Allocation Allocate resources to project activities
  13. Expenses _
  14. Cost Accounts Accounting codes
  • Fourth Stage: Project Reports Fourth Stage: Project Reports
  1. Report introduction Introduction to reports
  2. Create Reports Create reports
  3. Modify Reports Edit reports
  4. Report Groups Report groups
  5. Report Batches Reports in batch
  6. Printing Reports print reports

Target group:

  1. Engineers in all disciplines.
  2. Project managers and their assistants.
  3. Members of the senior, middle and executive departments.
  4. Responsible for the implementation, follow-up and control of the tasks and activities of the projects.
  5. The owners of companies and institutions.
  6. Owners of small, medium and large enterprises.

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