Microsoft Azure Architect Technologies Course

Online price: SAR 1300

Offline Price: SAR 3750

Course Duration: 5 Days

Duration (Hrs) 20 Hours/Hours

Category: IT Microsoft

Course Mentor: ESI

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Course Overview

course prepares you for a career as a certified Azure Cloud Solutions Architect. You will learn how to manage Azure resources, configure and deploy virtual machines, and master
Azure Cognitive Services solutions as you become familiar with the Azure platform.

Target Audience

  • Solutions architects
  • Programmers
  • Cloud developers
  • Cloud software engineers
  • DevOps professionals

Course Objectives

After completing the Azure Architect Technologies  course, Student will be able to:

  • Manage Azure subscriptions and resources.
  • Configure, deploy, and manage virtual machines and networks.
  • Evaluate and perform server migration to Azure Implement and manage advanced virtual networking and application services.
  • Manage and secure identities .
  • Select compute and storage solutions.
  • Perform hybrid networking.
  • Evaluate the throughput and structure of data access.

Course Content

  1. Course Introduction
  2. Implement and Monitor an Azure Infrastructure
  3. Implement Management and Security Solutions
  4. Implement Solutions for Apps
  5. Implement and Manage Data Platforms


Fresh graduates who intend to take the plunge into the Cloud job market.