Fundamentals of GIS Course

Online price: SAR 1200

Offline Price: SAR 2500

Course Duration: 5 Day

Duration (Hrs) 20 Hours/Hours

Course date: 24/09/2023

Course Mentor: ESI

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About the Course

This course represents a theoretical and practical introduction to GIS, as it is designed to consolidate the theoretical concepts of the trainee with a focus on the practical side. The contents of the course have been prepared to suit trainees of all disciplines and provide them with the necessary skills to use ArcGIS Pro in dealing with spatial data and producing results that help in the decision-making process.

After each theoretical lesson, the concepts explained are applied practically to ensure that the learner gets the maximum benefit. In addition, there are many challenges and exercises that will enrich the trainee’s learning experience.

This course is part of a series of three training courses that prepare the learner to obtain the ESRI GIS Fundamentals Foundation Certificate



Fundamentals of GIS Course
Introduction to GIS
Getting Started with ArcGIS Pro
Coordinate Systems and Map Projection
GIS Layers Creation & Editing
Tabular Data & statistics
Selection and Queries
Layer properties Manipulation
3D Visualization
Map Layout Design

Target Group:

The course is intended for those who have no previous knowledge of geographic information systems and wish to learn it based on ArcGIS Pro


Familiarity with computer

ArcGIS Pro 3.0+

Course Outputs:

Upon completion of this course, the trainee will be able to:

  • Work seamlessly with ArcGIS Pro
  • Dealing with different coordinate systems
  • Working with basemaps
  • Create and manage spatial data
  • Add, update, and calculate metadata
  • Perform various types of queries on the data
  • Browse data in 2D and 3D
  • Map text control
  • Apply basic map design