Data analysis course using (Microsoft Power BI)

Online price: SAR 1500

Offline Price: SAR 2800

Course Duration: 5 Day

Duration (Hrs) 25 Hours/Hours

Course date: 17/03/2024

Course date (2): 21/04/2024

Course date (3): 26/05/2024

Course date (4): 30/06/2024

Course Mentor: ESI

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The purpose

The aims of the course is to provide trainees with the skills of analyzing and presenting data through the use of smart business analysis tools (Business Intelligent).
Detailed objectives
Provide the concepts and tools necessary to perform data analysis activities and prepare interactive and analytical reports
2. Knowledge of data collection, analysis, processing, and linking methods with the (power BI) program
3. Presenting data using data visualization tools and creating reports and dashboards
4. Helping entrepreneurs and company managers to benefit from the available data in developing businesses, products, and services for their institutions or companies.
5. Solve business problems by analyzing data, shaping and improving decision-making, and promoting business growth.
6. Knowledge of different disciplines in data analysis
7. Assistance in determining the certificates you wish to obtain
8. Learn about the different titles such as data analyst, data scientist, data manager, data engineer
Chapter 1
  • Course Objectives
  • Introduction to data Analysis
  • What is Data Analysis
  • Types of Data Value Escalation
Chapter 2
  • Using Power BI
  • Power BI Introduction
  • Install Desktop Power Bi
  • Get Data / Connecting to data
chapter 3
  • Deploy and Maintain
  • Creating A workspace
  • Publishing Reports to workspace
  • Creating Dashboard