Digital transformation strategy

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Offline Price: SAR 2550

Course Duration: 3 Days

Duration (Hrs) 15 Hours/Hours

Course Mentor: Higher Engineering Sciences Institute for Training

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 Course Description

This course offers a simple and comprehensive overview about digital transformations and provides a step-by-step guided protocol or framework that anyone involved in such journey can use in any context in order to properly and easily manage its transformation
 This course provides a complete overview about digital transformation for leaders, consultant and anyone interested in this subject


 The purpose of the course

How to implement digital transformation strategy in simple approach


 Detailed objectives of the course

 Understand how digital transformation is born and why
 Get a simple and global definition of digital transformation and how it differs from digitization and digitalization
 Learn about the most known and proven positive impacts which can be gained through conducting a digital transformation within any type of company
 Build a clear understanding about why many companies fail in conducting their digital transformations
 Get a simplified step by step guided protocol or framework that you can use as a guide and referential while conducting a digital transformation in any context.
 Learn the best practices, tips and tricks that can enhance your chances to succeed in the digital transformation’s journey as a leader and/or consultant


 Main topic 1

  • Digital transformation’s origins & meaning
  • when and how it started


Main topic 2

  • Impacts of digital transformation


Main topic 3

  • Digital transformation strategy implementation
  • Best practice approach