Complete Construction Contract

Online price: SAR 1200

Offline Price: SAR 2500

Course Duration: 5

Duration (Hrs) 25 Hours/Hours

Course Mentor: ESI

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Overview and Course Contents Of Training Course On “Complete Construction Contract” 


Engineering Science Institute for Training (Esi) has meticulously and comprehensively devised the training course of “Complete Construction Contract” to cover all elements of Construction Contract effective from Drafting of Tender Documents until Contract Close-out. Thus, the trainee who shall undertake and complete the training will able to manage their official assignments related to all aspects of the contract efficiently.

This course is suitable for:

  1. Graduates of Engineering, Architecture Engineering, Business Management, Law, other faculties or personnel, who would like to pursue their career in Contract Management.
  2. Personnel of Legal and Contract Department, Project Staff of Clients, Contractors, Project Management Consultants, Supervision Consultants, Facilities Management Consultants, Construction Managers, Design Consultants, etc.

Course Contents

The complete training course has been divided into eleven (11) modules and the contents of the modules are as follows:

First Module: Introduction

  1. Definition of Contract
  2. Purpose of Contract
  3. Distinguished Features of Contract

Second Module: Drafting of Tender Documents

  1. Instructions to Tenderer
  2. Forms of Information & Data of Tenderer
  3. Proposal Letter
  4. Principal of Contract
  5. General Conditions
  6. Special Conditions
  7. Contract Execution Plan
  8. Payment Conditions, Bill of Quantities and Provision of Daywork

Third Module: Prequalification of Tenderers

  1. Development of Prequalification Criteria
  2. Performance of Prequalification
  3. Prequalification Report of the Tenderers

Fifth Module: Tendering Process

  1. Advertisement for Invitation Bids
  2. Issuance/Sales of Tender Documents
  3. Site Visit to all Tenderers
  4. Clarification to the Queries of Tenderers
  5. Issuance of Addendum/Addenda (if any) to Tenderers

Sixth Module: Bidding Process

  1. Receiving & Opening of Bids and announcement of the Bids’ Price
  2. Development of Evaluation Criteria
  3. Review of the Bids for missing information, data & submittals
  4. Seek the missing information, data and documents from the Bidders
  5. Perform Evaluation of the Bids
  6. Presentation by the Bidders
  7. Preparation of Draft Bids’ Evaluation Report
  8. Negotiation with the Potential Bidder
  9. Finalization of the Bids’ Evaluation Report

Seventh Module: Contract Award

  1. Issuance of Letter of Award to the winning Bidder
  2. Letter of Acceptance (from the winning Bidder)
  3. Submission of Prerequisites by the winning Bidder
  4. Scrutinizing of the Prerequisites for their completeness & correctness
  5. Issuance of Notice to Proceed (NTP)

Eight Module: Mobilization of Contractor on the Project Site

  1. Logistical Requirements by the Contractor
  2. Submission of Format of various Documents for Review and Approval
  3. Submission of Cost Breakdown and Work Breakdown Structure (WBS)
  4. Manpower Histogram
  5. Deployment of Construction Equipment, Plants and Vehicles
  6. Submission of the all the Documents and other required items as per the Contract Execution Plan and other Conditions of the Contract

Ninth Module: Contract Administration

  1. Quality and Quantity of the deployed Manpower
  2. Work Progress as per the Master Work Schedule
  3. Procurement of Materials
  4. Submission of Engineering Documents
  5. Submission of various Reports
  6. Submission of Scheduled and Unscheduled Documents
  7. Submission of Completed Work Inspection Requests
  8. Non Compliance Reports (NCRs) and Rework
  9. Testing and Commissioning
  10. Protection of the Completed Work
  11. Renewal and Submission of the Periodical Documents, Certificates, etc.

Tenth Module: Preliminary Handing-over of the Completed Work

  1. Perquisites of Preliminary Handing-over
  2. Inspection of the Completed Work for Acceptance
  3. Construction Completion Documents
  4. Spare Parts and Architectural Items
  5. Final Invoice

Eleventh Module: 1 Year Operation & Maintenance (O&M) Period or Defect Liability Period

  1. Witness of Operational performance of the Completed Work – all the installed Equipment, Systems, Plants, etc. their maintenance, repair, etc.
  2. Completion Trainings to the Client’s personnel or his nominated personnel.

Twelfth Module: Final Handing-over of the Project

  1. Training Manuals and any other outstanding documents.
  2. Professional Indemnity Insurance Policy (if it is Design & Build Project)
  3. Return of Final Guarantee or Performance Bond
  4. Accomplishment Contractor’s Demobilization Activities from the Site
  5. Close-out of Contract and Issuance of Contract Completion Certificate