Total Quality Management (TQM) Course

Online price: SAR 1000

Offline Price: SAR 1800

Course Duration: 5 days

Duration (Hrs) 25 Hours/Hours

Course date: 20/03/2022

Course date (2): 24/07/2022

Course date (3): 06/11/2022

Course Mentor: ESI

Program description:

Total Quality Management course in explaining and developing the applications of total quality management.

During the training days, a theoretical, practical and modern explanation of the lecture on the requirements for implementing total quality management will be provided.

Target groups:

  • Those interested in total quality management, and those wishing to obtain the necessary skills in total quality management.
  • All concerned with the application of total quality management
  • Managers, department supervisors, total quality management workers, and all those responsible for implementing the development management system.

Program Goals:

  • Knowledge and thorough understanding of Total Quality Management.
  • Knowing the requirements of total quality management and its role in developing the efficiency of total quality management.
  • Business planning and management ability.
  • Understand the requirements of the Total Quality Management Processes approach.
  • Implementation of an automated total quality management system

General themes of the program:

  • The concept of total quality management and its eight basic principles
  • The basic elements of total quality management
  • Total Quality Management requirements
  • The importance of total quality and its stages of development
  • Quality standards
  • The practical importance of quality and ensuring success
  • Building a quality management strategy
  • Implementation of the quality management system and reduce errors
  • That continuous improvement


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