Complete Cycle of Construction Contract

Offline Price: SAR 2500

Course Duration: 5 Day

Duration (Hrs) 30 Hours/Hours

Course date: 13/03/2022

Course Mentor: ESI

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Salient Features of the Course:
• Drafting of all the Sections of Tender Document, & Tender Processing.
• Bidding Process – Evaluation Criteria, Bids’ Evaluation, & Evaluation Report.
• Contract Award – Letter of Award, Notice to Proceed, & Contract Documents.
• Contractor’s Mobilization on the Project Site.
• Contract Administration effectiveness from commencement until the Final Handing Over.

Course Standard & its Materials:

  • The Training shall be as per the International Standard.
  • The Training Kits provided by Esi are: inclusive Training Manual, Worksheets, Handouts, Stationary, etc. (hard copies only).
  • The Kits, particularly Training Manuals, shall serve the trainees as an important guide for Instant Reference in the future.