Improve memory abilities

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Course Duration: 3 Day

Duration (Hrs) 12 Hours/Hours

Course Mentor: ESI

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Course Description
Despite the strength of the brain that God gave us, we sometimes suffer from a weak ability to remember in the field of study, occupation and daily life. The Super Memory Diploma course came to reveal the secrets of super memory by training on the most effective strategies in the field of remembering. This course contains practical applications to demonstrate The acquired skills are part of our daily life to enable us to use our potential to remember in a fun and effective way

The purpose of the course
This course aims, in general, to improve the participants’ ability to remember directly and effectively, up to 100% at the end of the program.

Detailed objectives of the course
Detailed goals:
– Ability to remember a list of 40 random words in order.
– The ability to remember the essential elements in order for an entire lecture by listening once
– The ability to remember the names of several people and keep them in long-term memory.
– The ability to remember long strings of numbers up to twenty random numbers.
– The ability to accurately determine the day corresponding to any date during a full year.
– The ability to give a lecture with its main and sub-elements without papers, with accuracy and excellent arrangement
– The ability to use the abilities of the right hemisphere of the brain in reading books and studying school subjects.

A preliminary test to measure memory abilities

  • A preliminary test to measure memory abilities
  • Secrets of Super Memory.
  • Super memory for word lists.
  • Super memory for lists of heard lectures.
  • Super memory to remember names.
  • Super memory to remember numbers.

Important closing tips.

  • Important closing tips.