STP Sewage treatment plants course

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Offline Price: SAR 2550

Course Duration: 5 Days

Duration (Hrs) 25 Hours/Hours

Course Mentor: Higher Engineering Sciences Institute for Training

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This course focuses on basic technologies for wastewater treatment in urban areas Where there are many ways to treat wastewater in order to remove polluting substances, whether organic or inorganic, in a safe manner.

Learning Objectives

After completing this course, the participants will be able to:
 Understanding the concept of sewage treatment plants and the nature of their work
 Understand how sewage treatment plants are operated
 Understanding the cause of wastewater treatment and its effects on our lives and the environment
 Familiarity with wastewater treatment basins
 Know what activated sludge is and how solids are treated
 Understanding the concept of public safety for stations
 Know how to control odors and treat industrial waste

Target Audience

 Electrical engineers working in sewage treatment plants
 Mechanical engineers working in sewage treatment plants
 Administrative staff working in sewage treatment plants
 Workers in sewage treatment plants
 Operators of sewage treatment plants
 Anyone who wants to develop their skills and experience and sees the need for this course

The Main Topic of the Course

 Fundamentals of wastewater treatment
 Introduction to liquid waste treatment
 Components of wastewater treatment plants
 Types of wastewater networks
 Lift stations

Course Outlines and Training Plan

Module 1:

Fundamentals of wastewater treatment  Components of introductory wastewater treatment units
 Sand separation units and oil and grease removal
 Sand separation basins
 Oil and grease removal basins
 Primary wastewater treatment
 malice
 Liquid sludge
 Theoretical length of stay or the theoretical length of stay
 Theoretical speed
 Actual length of stay

Module 2:
Introduction to liquid waste treatment  Natural oxidation pools
 Reciprocating oxidation pools
 Anaerobic ponds

Module 3:
Components of wastewater treatment plants  Filters (manual – mechanical).
 Pumps
 Pumps running chlorine injectors
 Leaked chlorine neutralization devices

Module 4:
Types of wastewater networks
 Regression lines
 ejection lines

Module 5:
Lift stations  Lifting station components
 Details of components of the lift station