Robotic Process Automation (RPA) Course

Online price: SAR 1200

Offline Price: SAR 2500

Course Duration: 5

Duration (Hrs) 40 Hours/Hours

Category: IT

Course Mentor: ESI

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  • Automation Anywhere training course is designed to advance your career in the most rapidly growing field of Robotic Process Automation (RPA).
  • Course teaches you to the Automation Anywhere Platform, Architecture, Specifications, and Functionality.
  • During the class you will also gain various components of RPA including software development, runtime client, control room, and ways to create and automate RPA bots with varied recorders, editors, and commands.

Targeted Audience

  • This course is suitable for .
  • Product Developers
  • Project Managers
  • Technology Architects
  • Operations Support Professionals
  • Product Managers
  • Business Analyst
  • Sales Engineers
  • Anyone who wants to build a career in RPA


After completing this course, attendees should be able to:

  •   Introduction to Automation Anywhere
  • Automation Anywhere Dashboard
  • Task Bots
  • Overview on Task Editor
  • Commands Used
  • Metabot
  • IQ Bot
  • Bot Insight
  • Solutions Designing Experience
  • Project Planning & Best Practices
  • Variables Operations

The Main Topic of the Course

  • Module 1: RPA Introduction
  • Module 2: Automation Anywhere Client & Bot Creator
  • Module 3: Command Library
  • Module 5: Web Control Room
  • Module 6: Meta Bot, IQ Bot and Bot Insight

Course Requirements

  •  Basic knowledge of C#, .Net, VB, Java, etc.

LAB Requirement

  • It is recommended to have LAB in this course

Course Outlines and Training Plan

Module 1:

  • RPA Introduction
  • RPA and AI
  • RPA Benefits and Use Cases
  • RPA Products
  • Introduction to Automation Anywhere
  • Dashboard and Task Editor

Module 2:

  • Automation Anywhere Client Introduction
  • Type of Bots
  • Bot Creator
  • Types of Automation

Module 3 :

  • Commands

Module 4 :

  • Web Control Room

Module 5:

  • Manage Windows Control Command
  • Workflow Designer
  • Report Designer
  • Best Practices
  • MetaBot
  • IQ Bot
  • Bot Insight