Methods of Supervision of Engineering Projects Course

Online price: SAR 950

Course Duration: 5 days

Duration (Hrs) 35 Hours/Hours

Course date: 21/05/2023

Course date (2): 30/07/2023

Course date (3): 17/09/2023

Course date (4): 03/12/2023

Course Mentor: ESI

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The course is online only

Course themes:

Preliminary work on the site before starting work

Review the project schedule – site inspection – site planning – review drawings – design of concrete mixes – contractor capabilities

Soil grooving works:

Reviewing the probes report – identifying the probe – determining the number of probes required for the site – confirming probes – recommendations for the probes report – timing of the probe – determining the depth of the probe.

Site excavation work

Excavation of the entire site – digging parts of the site – the two stages of digging the site for the pile – drilling saddles – receiving the drilling – measuring the drilling – starting the work of the pig.

Pig business:

Requirements for the implementation of the sow – the auxiliary middle sow – the semi-trapezoidal position – the timing of the sow’s work – receiving the sow –

Getting started with the rules

Foundation works:

Type of foundations – shallow foundations – deep foundations – mechanical drilling piles uses – determination of pile locations – important notes during pile loading – piling crushing – ultrasonic experiment – loading experiment.

Regular base works

Concreting the bases – separate bases – cleaning mattress – regular concrete under the slings – starting the work of the armed bases

Military base works

Base cladding – Carpentry of bases – Iron of separate and common bases – Shafts of the column inside the base – Screws and turnbuckles – Casting work

Column supervisors work

Backfill works

Backfill layers – type of backfill – types of compaction – compaction tests

Med works

Column works

Column delineation – shaft cladding indicated – column binding – column casting level – column iron – column carpentry reinforcement – column scarification after casting.

Bishop’s works

The wooden tension of the ceilings – the method of wooden tension – determining the ceiling level – ceiling carpentry The thickness of the tiles – falling carpentry of the bathroom floor – strengthening the carpentry of the ceiling – ceiling reinforcement – ceilings with fallen beams – slab solid – hordi – flat slab

Beam works

Reinforcement of the falling, scavenging and upper beams Secondary and main beams Scattering and extension of iron Scaffolding and types of canes Stacking iron on two rows Iron brands of beams

Stair works

Ladder carpentry – Receiving the levels of ladder carpentry – Ladder shell carpentry – ladder iron – scissors in ladder iron – main and secondary core

Reinforced concrete works

Mixing types – manual mixing – mechanical mixing – calibration box – ready-mix concrete – drop experiment and concrete cubes

Isolation works

Insulation of foundations, basements, bathroom floors, roofs

Building works

Calculation of block quantities – Altaween – Al-Ad – Al-Sawa’i – Connecting buildings to columns – Receiving buildings

Plumbing works

Drainage extensions for PVC bathrooms and kitchens – Installation of devices and their levels – External drainage posts – Ground and suspended manholes – Internal feeding extensions – Propylene

Landscaping works

Stages of the implementation of the plaster – plugs and strings of the walls – plugs and strings of the ceiling – receiving the landscaping – finishing the landscaping

Internal electrical works

Electrical piping extensions on wooden panels – levels of switch boxes – bathroom and kitchen socket boxes

Carpentry works (doors and windows):

Door and window rings – Kinds of carpentry rings – Receiving wood and sizes of rings – Installing the rings – Blocks and reply blocks – Receiving the rings

Flooring works

Ceramic – Swedish wood floors – MDF – parquet

Suspended ceilings and gypsum molding works

Marble works

Conventional installation – mechanical installation

Flooring works using epoxy

Facade works

House painter