ISO 27005 (Procedures for conducting an information security)

Category: PECB

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Course Overview:

The ISO 27005 Training Course offers a comprehensive understanding of information

security risk assessment procedures. It equips participants with the knowledge and skills

required to identify, assess, and manage risks effectively.

Course Objectives:

Understanding its importance in information security risk management, learning to assess

using ISO 27005 methodologies, acquiring skills to prioritize security risks, understanding

treatment strategies and mitigation techniques, preparing for ISO 27005 certification and

aligning with global standards.

Course Contents:

Core principles for Information Security Risk Management.

Various approaches for evaluating security risks.

Processes for pinpointing and analyzing risks’ impacts.

Strategies to address and mitigate security risks.

Applying methods to real scenarios for effective Risk Assessments.

Target Audiences:

This training is suitable for information security professionals, risk managers, compliance

officers, auditors, and individuals responsible for assessing and managing information

security risks within organizations.