Fuel Strategies and Values

Online price: SAR 1350

Offline Price: SAR 2550

Course Duration: 5 Days

Category: Oil and gas

Course Mentor: Higher Engineering Sciences Institute for Training

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Program Overview:

This Petroleum products strategy training course is designed to provide the participants with a deep knowledge of specifications, markets and demands of petroleum products. The course also provides technical knowledge related to the standard quality control tests performed in refineries and petrochemical plants to ensure that the finished products are in line with commercial specifications and market strategy.

Who should attend?

  • Production Engineers
  • Process Engineers
  • Technical Supervisory Staff
  • Plant Engineers and Technicians
  • Fuel Quality Specialists
  • Measurement and Quality Control Staff
  • Planning and Marketing Staff
  • Operation Engineers and Staff




Duration: 05 days



  • How to optimise retail networks, brands, property and on-site facilities
    • The needs of both established and emerging markets – existing situations and prospective new ventures
    • Identifying and analysing competitors, trends and opportunities and how to apply best retailing practices and give appropriate focus to customers
    • Business principles to help review and create successful investment, marketing and sales strategies and operating policies
    • Emerging global obligations and best practices regarding health, safety and environmental issues


Contents & Outlines:


Understanding the Petroleum Products Retail Market

  • What are its attractions?
  • What type of business should you be in and why?
  • Who are the customers and the competitors?


Asset Management

  • Asset Management (Networks &Outlets)
  • The identification of customer needs and the prospects for “one stop replenishment”.



  • Site Facilities
  • Fuels: what is in prospect for new and advanced products?
  • What other new business streams or products may be suitable for the retail oil industry?


Performance Management

  • Performance management: what does it mean, how does it work?
  • Project management, how its principles can benefit much of the industry-s work



  • The essentials of good customer relations management – manage resources in ways that will help single out a site as the one of preferred choice from customers’ points of view
  • Managing change