Construction and Operation of Gas Networks

Online price: SAR 1350

Offline Price: SAR 2550

Course Duration: 5 Days

Category: Oil and gas

Course Mentor: Higher Engineering Sciences Institute for Training

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Program Overview:

This course designed for all persons who supervise in the construction of gas network construction

and services. To provide candidates with the skills to supervise with Gas network construction and

to achieve the supervisor level in Network Construction Operations (Gas). The course also

incorporates safety and environmental aspects.


Who should attend?

  • Construction Engineers
  • Operation Engineers
  • Supervisors
  • Control Engineers
  • Gas Networks Staffs





Duration: 05 days



  • Create an efficient and effective environment
  • Maintain a safe and secure working environment
  • Establish and maintain effective working relationships
  • Install equipment for safe working on the highway
  • Install equipment for safe working on sites
  • Excavate and maintain holes and trenches
  • Operate powered tools and equipment
  • Join materials by electrofusion processes
  • Conduct specified testing of services
  • Conduct specified connections to gas mains and commissioning
    • Install gas services


Contents & Outlines:


Unit 1: Locating and avoiding supply apparatus and sub structures

Unit 2: Working as supervisor, excavate holes and trenches in ground and pavement structures

Unit 3: Preparing for reinstatement of excavation and pavement surface

Unit 4: Working as supervisor, contribute to an efficient and effective work environment in gas network construction

Unit 5: Working as supervisor, contribute to health, safety and environment in the workplace during gas network construction

Unit 6: Working as supervisor, operate powered tools and equipment for network construction


Unit 7: Working as supervisor, join polyethylene pipe by electro-fusion welding

Unit 8: Working as supervisor, assemble components to meet specifications for gas network construction operations

Unit 9: Working as supervisor, join polyethylene pipe by butt fusion welding

  • Unit 10: Preparing resources and signing, lighting and guarding the area for highway works
  • Unit 11: Preparing resources and signing and guarding the area for site works