Computer Interior Design SketchUp Course | Sketch Up

Online price: SAR 1200

Offline Price: SAR 2400

Course Duration: 5 days 06pm TO 10pm

Duration (Hrs) 20 Hours/Hours

Course Mentor: ESI

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Program Goals

The training program aims to:
• Detailed objectives of the training program.
• Introducing the participant to the concept of interior design, its basics and principles.
• Introducing the participant how to download SketchUp, its components and benefits.
• Professionalism in interior design and SketchUp through practical exercises.
• Mastering the use of ready-made libraries in SketchUp.
• Samples of creative designs.


The contents of the program

Concept and basics of interior design:

  • Decoration concept.
  • The difference between interior design and decoration.
  • The importance of interior design.
  • What are the elements of interior design?
  • Basics of interior design.
  • Stages of the interior design process.
  • Design idea in interior design.
  • Practical application.


SketchUp Information
How to download Sketchup on your computer:

  • Familiarize yourself with the program interface and menu functions.
  • Show the toolbar in Illustrator in SketchUp.
  • Explanation of the File menu, the Edit menu, and the View menu.
  • Using the Camera Menu.
  • Use the Draw Menu.
  • Use the Tools Menu.
  • Using the Window Menu.
  • Practical application.


Relationship between light colors and vision in SketchUp

  • Light, color, and vision.
  • A glimpse into the history of colors and how they appeared.
  • Color organization.
  • Types of color organization.
  • The psychology of colors in interior design.
  • The art of choosing colors in design and drawing.
  • Practical application.


Interior finishing materials in SketchUp

  • Walls.
  • Bishop.
  • Flooring.
  • How to draw a residential architectural plan.
  • How to distribute the furniture on the housing plan.
  • Interior Design Patterns in SketchUp.
  • Practical application.


The prepared SketchUp projects

  • Application 1.
  • Application 2.
  • Application 3.
  • Program conclusion and evaluation.


Exercises and assessments

  • Group discussion exercises.
  • Group activities (group system).
  • Analysis exercises and case studies.
  • Applied exercises.
  • Illustrations and graphic forms.
  • Adhering to the application of all required techniques and skills.


  • Select, move, scale, and rotate objects.
  • Line tool for 2D and 3D drawing.
  • Create rectangles, circles, polygons, and arcs.
  • Eraser tool.
  • Withdraw using the push and pull tool.
  • Displacement tool and Follow Me tool.
  • 3D text inside SketchUp.
  • Soften the rounded edges.
  • Measurement and labeling.
  • Use the Tape Measure tool to create instructions.
  • Use the protractor tool.
  • Create partitions.
  • Create labels and apply dimensions.
  • Putting things together and organizing scenes.
  • Layers
  • Outliner usage and entity information.
  • Hide, hide, lock, and unlock objects.
  • Working with components.
  • Introduction to the 3D model gallery.
  • Shading faces and edges, creating shadows and fog.
  • Apply, create, and edit articles.
  • Mapping textures on straight and curved objects.
  • Create and apply patterns.
  • 2D and 3D export.