Certified Information Security Manager (CISM®)

Online price: SAR 1300

Offline Price: SAR 3750

Course Duration: 5 Day

Duration (Hrs) 20 Hours/Hours

Category: IT

Course Mentor: ESI

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Course Overview

Certified Information Security Manager (CISM®) is a key certification for information security professionals who manage, design, oversee, and assess enterprise information security. This CISM certification course is closely aligned with ISACA’s best practices and will help you learn about IT security systems, including risk analysis and the best ways to mitigate security risks.

Target Audience

This certification is best suited for security consultants and managers, IT directors
and managers, security auditors and architects, security system engineers, CISOs,
information security managers, IT consultants, and risk officers.

Course Objectives

By the end of this online Certified Information Security Manager (CISM®) training course,
you will have full, working knowledge of:

  • Plans and performance of information security requirements
  • Information security management activities and reviews of the infrastructure
  • Life-cycle-based risk management practices and principles
  • Analyzing techniques for mitigating risks to acceptable levels
  • Risk management steps during events that might affect security baseline

Course Content

  • Information Security Governance:-
    Lesson 1: Information Security Governance Overview
    Lesson 2: Effective Information Security Governance
    Lesson 3: Information Security Concepts and Technologies
    Lesson 4: Information Security Manager
    Lesson 5: Scope and Charter of Information Security Governance
    Lesson 6: Information Security Governance Metrics
    Lesson 7: Information Security Strategy Overview
    Lesson 8: Creating Information Security Strategy
    Lesson 9: Determining Current State Of Security
    Lesson 10: Information Security Strategy Development
    Lesson 11: Strategy Resources
    Lesson 12: Strategy Constraints
    Lesson 13: Action Plan to Implement Strategy


  • Information Risk Management and Compliance
    Lesson 1: Risk Management Overview
    Lesson 2: Good Information Security Risk Management
    Lesson 3: Information Security Risk Management Concepts
    Lesson 4: Implementing Risk Management
    Lesson 5: Risk Assessment
    Lesson 6: Controls Countermeasures
    Lesson 7: Recovery Time Objectives
    Lesson 8: Risk Monitoring and Communication


  • Information Security Program Development and Management
    Lesson 1: Development of Information Security Program
    Lesson 2: Information Security Program Objectives
    Lesson 3: Information Security Program Development Concepts
    Lesson 4: Scope and Charter of Information Security Program Development
    Lesson 5: Information Security Management Framework
    Lesson 6: Information Security Framework Components
    Lesson 7: Information Security Program Resources
    Lesson 8: Implementing an Information Security Program
    Lesson 9: Information Infrastructure and Architecture
    Lesson 10: Information Security Program
    Lesson 11: Security Program Services and Operational Activities


  •  Information Security Incident Management
    Lesson 1: Incident Management Overview Part 1
    Lesson 2: Incident Response Procedures Part 1
    Lesson 3: Incident Management Organization
    Lesson 4: Incident Management Resources
    Lesson 5: Incident Management Objectives
    Lesson 6: Incident Management Metrics and Indicators
    Lesson 7: Current State of Incident Response Capability
    Lesson 8: Developing an Incident Response Plan
    Lesson 9: BCP/DRP
    Lesson 10: Testing Response and Recovery Plans
    Lesson 11: Executing the Plan


To become a (CISM) certified professional , you need to fulfill some criteria, including:

  • A completed application submitted within five years from the date of initially passing the
    examination (you must ensure that all experience is independently verified by employers)
  • Relevant experience must have been gained within the 10-year period preceding the
    application date for certification (or within five years of passing the examination)
  • Three of the five years of work experience must be gained in the role of an information
    security manager (it must be broad and gained in three of the four CISM domains)