Calculation of electrical and mechanical loads for buildings

Online price: SAR 1100

Offline Price: SAR 1900

Course Duration: 5 days

Duration (Hrs) 20 Hours/Hours

Course date: 22/05/2022

Course objective

    • The ability to estimate electrical and mechanical loads
    • Estimation of lighting loads
    • Estimation of air conditioning loads
    • Estimation of elevator loads
    • Estimation of fire extinguishing loads
    • Balance the loads in different sectors

Targeted groups :

    • Electrical and mechanical maintenance engineers
    • Maintenance Monitors

Course content:

Unit One: Instructions and regulations for residential home installations

    • Electrical protective measures (safety)
    • The effect of electric current on the human body
    • Electrical protection methods used to protect networks
    • The places and methods of installing electrical conductors
    • Saudi Arabian grid code

Unit Two: a study of structural components and device operation methods

    • Reading circuit diagrams
    • Identification of household appliances and their capabilities
    • Study of household appliances loads
    • Distribution of loads in electrical panels
    • Creating prototypes and specifying their components
    • Method of calculating costs for electrical installations
    • Time schedules for the implementation of electrical installations
    • Identifying the types of home power grids
    • Installation of electric meters and main circuit breakers

Unit Three: Installing commercial, industrial, and home equipment

    • Choosing connectors and cables for homes
    • preparation of  connectors and cables and how to connect them
    • Hand tools used in household installations
    • Choosing the capacity of circuit breakers
    • Calculating the capacity of circuit breakers when voltage drops and power is lost
    • installation of power sources

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