The Electronic Platform “Etimad”

The “Etimad” platform is an approved Electronic Platform for the Ministry of Finance services that it provides to all Government entities and the private sector within the digital transformation of the Ministry’s services.

The Platform was launched on Jumada Al-Ula 4, 1439 H, corresponding to January 21, 2018 G, and through the Etimad Platform, all Government procurement and tenders procedures are implemented, starting from the announcement of the tenders until awarding, so the Etimad platform is the main reference for all Government Entities to implement their works and procurement.

The platform includes the basic administrative and management services related to the following:

  1. Budgeting
  2. Tenders and Procurement
  3. Contracts and Accreditations
  4. Payments
  5. Financial Rights of Employees

The Platform Services:

  • Provides information related to the Government Tenders and Procurement activities:
  • Instructions for using the platform and how to implement Works and Procurement procedures.
  • The Governmental Tenders and Procurement Law and its Implementing Regulation, and the decisions and circulars issued for the purposes of implementing the Law.
  • Regulations related to the Law, including the regulation of Preference for Local Content, Small and Medium Enterprises, and Companies listed in the financial market in works and procurement,
  • Policies, directives, instructions, guidelines and training related to the implementation of the Law and regulations.
  • Implemented strategies and initiatives to enhance effectiveness in Government procurement.
  • Annual works and procurement plans for Government entities.
  • Information on the Framework Agreements available for the use of Government entities.
  • Data on previous procurement procedures carried out by Government entities, and the procedures that they plan to take or are under implementation, provided that they are up-to-date and include the progress of these procedures.
  • Announcing works and Procurement lists that are frequently requested to be secured by the Government entities.
  • Forms of Tender Documents, Qualification Documents and Contract Forms related to Government entities’ works and procurement.
  • Minutes of bid opening committees and reports on Tenders procedures at Government entities.
  • Decisions issued by the consideration committees to decide on complaints, grievances and violations of the tenderers and contractors.
  • Annual reports or other reports related to the Government Tenders and Procurement Law.
  • Services related to the procedures for implementing the Government Tenders’ cycle:
  • Registering suppliers, and contractors in the platform, and managing their data.
  • Create purchase requisitions and requirements.
  • Carry out rehabilitation operations.
  • Advertising in the platform and submitting requests for quotations.
  • Receiving the tenderers’ inquiries and responding to them.
  • Amending Tender Documents.
  • Receiving bids, opening bids and announcing the Suspension Period for consideration of grievances.
  • Postponing the opening of technical bids and extending their receipt.
  • Award notification.
  • Extension of validity of bids
  • Cancellation of Tenders.
  • Completing tenders and contracting procedures.
  • Announcing summaries of the decisions of the committee to look into the violations of the tenderers and contractors and notifying the tenderers of the required actions.
  • Correspondence and notifications between Government entities and contractors.




Consultant Eng’r. Nabeel Abdullah Zaitooni

Trainer and Consultant of Contracts