The Essence, Ideal Inspection and Reporting Of Health, Safety and Environment (HS&E) of a Construction Site

Syed Rayees Ahmed Sr. Consultant & Trainer
Syed Rayees Ahmed Sr. Consultant & Trainer

Why Health, Safety and Environment (HS&E) is a Vital Element at any Workplace?

Health, Safety and Environment (HS&E) at Workplace and in its Vicinity must be sensibly managed to avoid risk to the Workers, Public and to protect Property.  Effective management of HS&E shall enable the project proceedings in orderly manner and resulting into its successful and timely completion.

Synopsis of General Scope and Policies of HS&E

Some of the crucial points pertaining to General Scope and Policies of HS&E are provided as follows:
  • The crucial task of HS&E is to eliminate hazardous work practices and conditions from the working and living areas.
  • Prior to mobilization at the Worksite, Contractor shall develop and submit to the Consultant/Owner for review and approval of “HS&E Program” and “HS&E Manual” and these documents shall contain all the requirements of HS&E of the project. Further, these documents should be reviewed, modified and approved on a periodical basis.
  • Review and approval of the Contractor’s “HS&E Program” and “HS&E Manual” by the Consultant/Owner and their implementation shall not relieve Contractor from his responsibilities regarding HS&E.
  • Contractor shall conduct a comprehensive and effective familiarization and orientation program to all his new workers prior to their deployment at the workplace.
  • Contractor shall schedule weekly HS&E meetings and drills and their minutes and records are to be included in his monthly/weekly progress report.
  • Contractor shall furnish all the required HS&E equipment including “Personnel Protective Equipment (PPE)” to all the workers and ensure that they are effectively using them at all times.
  • It is the responsibility of the Contractor to enforce all worksite HS&E regulations and all the related instructions and directions received from the Consultant/Owner.
  • The Consultant/Owner shall conduct HS&E inspections to monitor Contractor’s compliance with all the worksite HS&E regulations.
  • Contractor shall at all times conduct all his activities in a manner to avoid the risk of bodily harm to persons or risk of damage to any property.
  • Contractor shall efficiently take all the required precautionary measures against any conditions which involve or potential for a risk to persons or property.
  • Contractor shall continuously perform inspection of all works, materials and equipment to discover and determine any conditions that could be potential for any damage and perform instant remedial actions.
  • Contractor shall comply with all applicable laws, regulations and standards regarding HS&E.

Efficient Inspection of HS&E and Reporting :



1. Accidents and Near Missed Accidents’ Reporting

The HS&E Section of the Monthly or Weekly Report of the Contractor and Consultant(s) should cover complete reporting about the Accidents and Nearly Missed Accidents.

2.  Reporting of Validity of Third Party’s Certificates and Licenses

The HS&E Section of Monthly or Weekly Report of the Contractor and Consultant(s) should have an updated status in a tabulated form of the Third Party’s Certificates and Licenses (Issue and Expiry dates) of all the Tower Cranes, Lifting Equipment and their Operators.



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