Wind Energy Cycle Course

Online price: SAR 1300

Offline Price: SAR 2600

Course Duration: 5 Days

Duration (Hrs) 25 Hours/Hours

Course Mentor: ESI

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Identification of renewable energy sources, identification of solar energy systems, identification of solar radiation, solar cells, cell holders, identification of batteries, charging regulator, inverter, protection of solar energy system, wire-section calculation – solar water pump system and street lighting – manual design of off-grid system and grid-connected system Familiarization with design using PV SYST & PV*SOL An overview of the design of wind power generation systems

  • Basics and how energy works
  • Wind energy technologies
  • Wind turbine types and components and how to connect them to the grid
  • Understand aerodynamics and electrical control methods
  • Wind Energy Measurements
  • Calculating the annual yield of generated energy
  • Choosing the right turbines and wind farm locations
  • Wind power plant design
  • Standard codes and specifications for wind energy systems
  • Safety and security of installation of wind energy systems