Usha Course in General Industries | 10 hours

Online price: SAR 1200

Offline Price: SAR 2400

Course Duration: 5 Day

Duration (Hrs) 10 Hours/Hours

Category: Safety

Course Mentor: ESI

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Certificate approved by the General Organization for Technical and Vocational Training.

The trainee also gets a certificate according to his desire.

1- NASP certified certificate from the International Organization for Safety.


2- An approved certificate from OSHA, the mother of America (OSHA).

General description of the training program:

The general industries qualification course is designed for 10 hours in occupational safety and health, which qualifies human cadres capable of implementing the safety system by understanding and absorbing safety and health requirements in accordance with international standards, laws, legislation, and labor regulations. Within 40 hours of intensive training, you will get a huge amount of useful and necessary information for any occupational safety and health official.

The general objective of the training program:

At the end of this course each trainee will be able to learn:

  • Reducing work risks and implementing occupational safety and health programs.
  • Raising awareness of occupational safety and health.
  • Learn about the different risks that a worker or organization can face.
  • Evaluate and monitor different working conditions.
  • Learn about work accidents and injuries and their consequences.
  • Gain knowledge of advanced firefighting systems.
  • Gain knowledge of working instructions and storage conditions in different conditions

Detailed objectives of the training program:

  • Statement of Purpose of the Occupational Health and Safety Act and OSHA Task List.
  • OSHA occupational safety and health system and clarifying the rights and responsibilities of employers and employees under the Occupational Health and Safety Law and work hazards (identification, evaluation, analysis and methods of preventing or reducing them).
  • OSHA inspection priority list and description of the inspection and evaluation process.
  • Preparing work permits to maintain a safe and healthy workplace.
  • Drilling and indoor entry safety guidelines.
  • Safety and security of equipment and machinery and protection from their dangers.
  • Protection from falling, tripping and slipping in the workplace.
  • Outline safety measures for heavy equipment (forklifts and cranes).
  • Knowledge of safe methods of welding, cutting and hazardous operations in the workplace.
  • Electrical safety, its impact and its role in achieving a safe work environment.

Introduction to OSHA 144:

  • Emergency and fire prevention action plans.
  • Emergency and fire prevention action plans.
  • Basic personal protective equipment.
  • Walking work surfaces and fall protection.
  • Basic electrical safety for employees.
  • Basic accident investigation.
  • Industrial hygiene basics.
  • Basic Hearing Protection.
  • Comfortable risks in general industry.