ISO 27017 (Information security best-practice framework

Category: PECB

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Course Overview:

The ISO 27017 Training Course offers comprehensive insights into information security best

practices tailored for cloud service providers and their customers. It focuses on addressing

the unique challenges and requirements of securing data and systems in the cloud.

Course Objectives:

Understand its application & Identify and mitigate cloud- specific risks.

Define roles and responsibilities & Implement data protection measures.

Implement data protection measures &Comprehend compliance and certification.

Develop incident response strategies & Master cloud security controls.

Integrate with relevant ISO standards.

Course Contents:

The course content is designed to provide a comprehensive understanding of cloud security

by covering the following key topics:

Cloud security risks.

Roles and responsibilities.

Data protection methods.

Compliance and certification.

Incident response strategies.

Security controls and best practices.

Integration with ISO standards.

Target Audience:

This training is suitable for IT professionals, cloud service providers, cloud administrators,

compliance officers, security analysts, and anyone involved in cloud security or compliance