IOT Internet Of Things Fundamental Course

Course Duration: 1

Duration (Hrs) 8 Hours/Hours

Category: IT

Course Mentor: Engineering Science Institute for Training


  • With 20.4 billion devices expected to be connected by 2020, concerns over interoperability and security continue to increase, as well as the need for organizations to understand the impacts of IoT technology.
  • This course provides an overview of IoT technologies. It will look at each of the elements that compose their ecosystem, so you can identify the main IoT system components and understand how they interact. Plus you’ll get an overview into the interoperability challenges, cybersecurity threats and where IoT can provide the greatest benefits

Targeted Audience

  • This course is suitable for .
  • Non-technical people with an interest in the IoT world


  • Identify the main IoT system components, and the interactions between them
  • Address basic technical questions on IoT
  • Recognize cybersecurity repercussions on IoT
  • Gain an insight into interoperability challenges present in IoT
  • Recognize the main IoT system components, and the interactions between them

The Main Topic of the Course

  • What is IoT?
  • IoT application areas
  • IoT topology
  • System components
  • IoT communications
  • Interoperability, cybersecurity and GDPR

Course Requirements

  • Basic IT knowledge required, including an understanding of basic communication protocols.

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