FIDIC-Fédération Internationale Des Ingénieurs-Conseils Course

Course date (3): 13/04/2022

Course Mentor: ESI

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Course Overview

Due to the importance of contracts in the work of many administrators and engineers in daily life and using them as a means in managing projects professionally and efficiently and in order to improve your performance through your project management successfully to raise and acquire the skill of contract management to
be a good asset for you in managing the acquired knowledge, this course came to meet the needs of our valued customers in preparing them to manage professional and efficient contracts and familiarity with the FIDIC contract series.

Target Audience

  • Managers and directors of departments in engineering companies.
  • Project managers from the owner, consultant, or contractor.
  • Contract, procurement and project engineers.
  • Engineering and operational engineers.
  • Participants in planning and management of tenders, specifications, awards, contracts, and the rest of them, which are looking at requests for office materials.
  • At present, the operatives are in the public institution.

Course Objectives

  • Introducing participants to the FIDIC contracts and the applicable rules according to these contracts; And providing them with the necessary skills and capabilities to deal with and manage them and overcome procedural and legal problems related to these contracts.
  • Learn about the different types of international FIDIC contracts.
  • Acquiring the skill and preparing and managing the appropriate contract for the appropriate project according to a scientific methodology.

Course Content

Day 1

1-1 Introduction  , 1-2 Contracts Types  , 1-3 Contracts Components / formation , 2-1 Construction Projects Life cycle  , 2-2 Conception and Feasibility Study ,  2-3 Design Phase ,  2-4 Bidding and Tender Phase , 2-5 Construction Phase ,  2-6 Project Preliminary Handing Over , 2-7 Final Handing Over , 2-8 Operation and Maintenance ,  2-9 Termination.

Day 2

3-1 Risk management in construction contracts , 3-2 Risks in Constructions ,  3-3 Risk Assessment ,  3-4 Risk Response Plan , 3-5 Risk Monitor and Control.

FIDIC Contracts / Red book
1) General Provisions
2) The Employer
3) The Engineer  , 4) The Contractor
5) Nominated Subcontractors , 6) Staff and labour

Day 3
7) Plant, Materials, and Workmanship ,  8) Commencement, Delays, and Suspension , 9) Test on Completion  , 10) Employer’s Taking Over , 11) Defects Liability  , 12) Measurement and Evaluation ,  13) Variations and Adjustments.


14) Contract Price and Payment , 15) Termination by Employer  , 16) Suspension and Termination by Contractor  , 17) Risk and Responsibility  , 18) Insurance  , 19) Force Majeure ,  20) Claims, Disputes, and Arbitration.

Day 5

Commercial Arbitration

7-1 Definitions ,  7-2 Agreement of Arbitration ,  7-3 Procedures of Arbitration ,  7-4 Enforcement the Award of Arbitration.


No prerequisites are necessary to attend this course.