FIDIC Contracts Course | FIDIC

Online price: SAR 1200

Offline Price: SAR 2400

Course Duration: 5 Days 06pm TO 10pm

Duration (Hrs) 30 Hours/Hours

Course date: 17/03/2024

Course date (2): 28/04/2024

Course date (3): 02/06/2024

Course date (4): 07/07/2024

Course Mentor: ESI

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Due to the importance of contracts in the work of many administrators and engineers in daily life and their use as a means in managing projects professionally and professionally, in order to excel in your performance through your successful project management, to raise and acquire the skill of contract management to be a good asset for you in managing the acquired knowledge, this course came to meet the needs of our valued customers in preparing them to manage Contracts professionally and professionally and familiarize yourself with the FIDIC series of contracts.

General objective of the course:

  • Familiarize the participants with the FIDIC contracts and the rules applicable in accordance with these contracts; And provide them with the necessary skills and capabilities to deal with and manage them and to overcome the procedural and legal problems related to these contracts.
  • Learn about the different types of FIDIC International Contracts.
  • Acquiring the skill, preparing and managing the appropriate contract for the appropriate project according to a scientific methodology.

Detailed objectives of the course:

By the end of this course you will learn about:

  • The importance of contracts in general in engineering projects.
  • Knowledge management and its development and the role of contract management in building valuable experience and knowledge.
  • The importance of contract management for the professional engineer.
  • The difference between the different types of contracts in engineering projects.
  • Essential Elements of a Professional Contract.
  • What does FIDIC mean, what is its history and how it originated.
  • The relationship between the owner, consultant and contractor in contracts and how to organize them.
  • The different types of FIDIC contracts and the connotations of color in FIDIC contracts.
  • How to choose the right contract for you within the FIDIC contract system.
  • Familiarization with the main types of FIDIC contracts:
  • Construction contracts.
  • Electromechanical contracts.
  • Key delivery contracts.
  • Consulting services contracts.
  • Bot contracts.
  • Short contract.
  • Contract subcontractors.
  • FIDIC Contract Documents (General and Special Conditions; Contract Annexes)
  • Qualification criteria, pre-evaluation and the most important contract documents.
  • The rights and obligations of the different parties to the contracts.
  • Distribution of risks between the employer, contractor and engineer.
  • Payment procedures according to FIDIC contracts.
  • Variation orders and extension of execution time in FIDIC contracts.
  • Claims from the contractor and the employer.
  • Arbitration in FIDIC Contracts.
  • Dispute Resolution Boards in FIDIC Contracts.
  • With real examples of decades in the field of oil and construction explained and discussed.
  • List some real issues from the coach’s practice of a number of real issues.

Who is this course for:

  • Managers and directors of departments in companies and engineering institutions.
  • Project managers by the owner, consultant or contractor.
  • Contracts, Procurement and Project Engineers.
  • Engineering, Operational and Maintenance Engineers.
  • Participants in the planning, evaluation, preparation and management of tenders, specifications, awards and contracts, which includes the process of obtaining materials, equipment and services.
  • Workers in organizations whose leaders want to achieve high levels of competence among those who participate in contracts.