Disaster and Crisis Management Course

Online price: SAR 1500

Offline Price: SAR 2700

Course Duration: 5 days

Duration (Hrs) 20 Hours/Hours

Course date: 10/03/2024

Course date (2): 21/04/2024

Course date (3): 26/05/2024

Course date (4): 30/06/2024

Course Mentor: ESI

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Over the course of many years, man has been suffering from all kinds of disasters, which leave behind devastating effects on property and population, and it was difficult for countries to confront these disasters due to the lack of available capabilities or their non-existence, which made the losses be imaginary, and the development of human societies and the prosperity of industries and construction and the consequences of modern technology From dangers in addition to the various disasters and calamities that occur from time to time, all of this made human thinking develop in the field of protection with the aim of preserving the human and economic element, and governments began to adopt everything new in the field of combating disasters and protecting lives and property.

The requirements for taking the course:

The participant in this course does not need any specialization; However, the professional technical background is good

Course objectives:

At the end of this training course each trainee will be able to:

  • Understand the concept of catastrophe and its characteristics
  • Know the types of disasters
  • How to manage a disaster and its steps
  • Know the concept of crisis and its classifications
  • Know the stages of the crisis
  • Learn the basics of crisis management
  • Dealing with some crises
  • Crisis response planning
  • How to manage crises in vital locations

Who is this course for:

Engineers, supervisors, security and safety personnel, ordinary and interested workers