Electrical preventive maintenance

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Course Duration: 5 Days

Duration (Hrs) 25 Hours/Hours

Course Mentor: Higher Engineering Sciences Institute for Training

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Preventive maintenance is one of the basic pillars of comprehensive maintenance. A good preventive maintenance system is considered the heart of effective maintenance, and the degree of success of the preventive maintenance program depends on achieving the least breakdown time, as well as the lowest repair cost. Therefore, there must be a kind of balance between corrective maintenance and preventive maintenance. Preventive maintenance enables us to prevent malfunctions and breakdowns, discover them before they occur, and fix them.

Learning Objectives

Upon completion of this course, participants will be able to:
 Maintenance, its types, objectives and importance.
 Learn about maintenance, its types, objectives and importance.
 Basics of electrical equipment maintenance and electrical maintenance planning.
 Evaluation of electrical maintenance performance and modern maintenance strategies.
 Types of electrical equipment and methods of classification.
 Malfunctions of electrical equipment.
 Maintenance of generators.
 Maintenance of electric motors.
 Maintenance of electrical panels.
 Maintenance of electrical cables.
 Preparing electrical preventive maintenance plans through diagrams, technical specifications and maintenance catalogs for electrical appliances.

Target Audience

 Maintenance engineers
 Electrical Engineers
 Electrical Supervisors
 Electricians
 Professionals responsible for operation and maintenance
 Employees whose scope of work includes limited electrical maintenance
 New electrical personnel who need to acquire new skills in maintaining electrical equipment
 Those who wish to know the basics of electrical maintenance from the beginning

The Main Topic of the Course

 General concepts about maintenance
 Maintenance strategies
 Inspection and maintenance of electrical equipment
 Inspection and maintenance of electric motors
 Maintenance of generators
 Maintenance of electrical panels
 Maintenance of electrical cables

Course Outlines and Training Plan

Module 1:
General concepts about maintenance  What is maintenance.
 The need for maintenance management
 Maintenance management function
 Maintenance tasks and work
 Organizational Structure of Maintenance Department
 Maintenance workshops elements of maintenance management
 Basic elements of maintenance management
 Maintenance objectives
 The systematic procedure for creating a maintenance plan

Module 2:
maintenance strategies
 Maintenance strategies
 Factors determining the strategy
 Maintenance factors affecting the maintenance strategy
 Methods of work to develop a maintenance strategy
 Classification of maintenance
 Types of maintenance
 Operational concepts of maintenance management

Module 3:
Inspection and maintenance of electrical machinery and equipment  Classification of electrical machines
 Classification of electrical machines according to use
 Electric generators
 Electric motors
 Electric pumps
 Electrical panels
 Electrical cables

Module 4:
Inspection and maintenance of electric motors in detail  Types of electric motors.
 Fundamentals of electric motor maintenance.
 Preventive maintenance of electric motors.
 Tests carried out on electric motors.
 Engine malfunctions and their causes.
 Types of diesel engines.
 Types of faults in electrical control circuits.

Module 5:
Examination and maintenance of electrical generators in detail  Generators and their types
 The main parts of the generator
 Types of electrical protections for the generator
 Cooling, control and protection systems
 Malfunctions of generators, electrical generators
 Maintenance of circuit breakers and relays
 Electrical hazards and safety procedures