Computer Maintenance Course for Beginners | +CompTIA A

Online price: SAR 1100

Offline Price: SAR 1900

Course Duration: 5

Duration (Hrs) 29 Hours/Hours

Course date: 13/02/2022

Course date (2): 15/05/2022

Course date (3): 11/09/2022

Course Mentor: ESI

An overview of the computer maintenance course

It is a widely spread certificate in the information technology industry, and it is offered by a company called CompTIA. This certificate began to be offered in 1993, and the number of recipients now is about 130 thousand people in the world.

Obtaining an A+ certificate is a proof that you are able to deal with personal computers in a technical and professional manner.

This certificate is granted after passing two multiple-choice tests, as is the case in the American tests.

The A+ certification syllabus has been specifically designed for junior computer technicians who want to get a solid grounding in the field of computer service concept. The course content includes topics on both computer hardware and operating systems. This is communicated through explanation, lectures and, student laboratories.

Course objectives

An A+ certification helps anyone who wants to work in the information technology (IT) field with little or no experience in this field. Therefore the course will prepare students for A+ certification exams as well as build basic knowledge of Microsoft exams.

Course contents

Introduction: Introduction to the A+ . course
Lesson 1: A quick introduction to the computer and its components – the motherboard – the first section
Lesson 2: Motherboard – Part Two
Lesson 3: Motherboard – Section Three
Lesson 4: Exam in previous lectures
Lesson 5: CPU
Lesson 6: RAM
Lesson 7: Cooling System
Lesson 8: Storage Devices – Hard disk – Part One
Lesson 9: Storage Devices – Hard disk – Part Two
Lesson 10: Storage Devices – Other Storage Devices
Lesson 11: Power Supply
Lesson 12: Input Devices
Lesson 13: Display Devices – Part One
Lesson 14: Display Devices – Part Two
Lesson 15: Laptops & Portable Devices
Lesson 16: Understanding their functions and types Printers
Lesson 17: Installing and setting up printers


Students who take this course must have the following skills:

End user skills with Windows PCs including the ability to: browse and search for information on the Internet starting and shutting down the computer logging into a computer and computer network launching programs Move, copy, delete, and rename files in Windows Explorer .

Targeted audience

  • Students and graduates of faculties of computer engineering, communications, information technology, and technical support diplomas
  • Technical support and network officials in ministries, public and private institutions
  • All who are interested in Computer Maintenance


The number must start with 966 without the (+) sign.