CompTIA Server+ Course

Online price: SAR 1300

Offline Price: SAR 3750

Course Duration: 5 days

Duration (Hrs) 40 Hours/Hours

Category: CompaTIA IT

Course Mentor: ESI

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  • This Course validates the expertise of IT Professionals and Server Administrators in data centers or server
  • This is the only industry certification that features the newest server technologies such as network-attached storage, security, and virtualization.


  • Install and maintain physical hardware and storage
  • Manage and maintain servers, including OS configuration, access control, and virtualization
  • Apply physical and network data security techniques and Understand disaster recovery and implement backup techniques
  • Diagnose and resolve system hardware, software, connectivity, storage, and security issues

The Main Topic of the Course

  • Lesson 1: Server Hardware Installation and Management
  • Lesson 1: Understanding Server Administration Concepts
  • Lesson 2: Server Administration
  • Lesson 2: Understanding Virtualization and Cloud Computing
  • Lesson 3: Security and Disaster Recovery
  • Lesson 3: Understanding Physical and Network Security Concepts
  • Lesson 4: Troubleshooting
  • Lesson 4: Managing Physical Assets
  • Lesson 5: Managing Server Hardware
  • Lesson 6: Configuring Storage Management
  • Lesson 7: Installing and Configuring an OS
  • Lesson 8: Troubleshooting OS, Application, and Network Configuration
  • Lesson 9: Managing Post-Installation Administrative Tasks
  • Lesson 10: Managing Data Security
  • Lesson 11: Managing Service and Data Availability
  • Lesson 12: Decommissioning Servers

LAB Requirement

  • Students should have a computer with 8 GB at least to create virtualization LAB
  • LAB could be applied on client’s computer with any virtualization

Course Outlines and Training Plan

Module 1: Server Hardware Installation and Management

  • Given a scenario, install physical
  • Given a scenario, deploy and manage
  • Given a scenario, perform server hardware maintenance.

Module 2: Server Administration

  • Given a scenario, install server operating
  • Given a scenario, configure servers to use network infrastructure
  • Given a scenario, configure and maintain server functions and
  • Explain the key concepts of high availability for
  • Summarize the purpose and operation of
  • Summarize scripting basics for server
  • Explain the importance of asset management and
  • Explain licensing

Module 3: Security and Disaster Recovery

  • Summarize data security
  • Summarize physical security
  • Explain important concepts pertaining to identity and access management for server
  • Explain data security risks and mitigation
  • Given a scenario, apply server hardening
  • Summarize proper server decommissioning
  • Explain the importance of backups and
  • Explain the importance of disaster recovery.

Module 4: Troubleshooting

  • Explain the troubleshooting theory and
  • Given a scenario, troubleshoot common hardware
  • Given a scenario, troubleshoot storage problems
  • Given a scenario, troubleshoot common OS and software 4.4
  • Given a scenario, troubleshoot network connectivity issues
  • Given a scenario, troubleshoot security