Value Engineering Course

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Course Duration: 10 Days

Duration (Hrs) 40 Hours/Hours

Course Mentor: ESI

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Accredited Foundation Course in Value Engineering Methodology


The training program deals with a structured creative approach to value engineering as it aims to enhance the ability of stakeholders to identify business and performance requirements, maximize creativity and innovation, and then define the best value solutions and support the decision-making process with more robustness and effectiveness through project planning and implementation, focusing on performance requirements and avoiding useless business.

There is no doubt that value engineering improves the level of performance, profitability, quality as well as the risks to the organization, and the entire project team, and then the program provides the best value outcomes by striking the right balance between the benefit to the customer from the service side Or the project and the supplier to be delivered, along with the cost.

Course training methodology

This is an interactive course that includes lectures, case studies, technical process instruction, and supplementary discussions related to various industries and implementation challenges.

The main themes of the course

  • Decision making based on value criteria.
  • Applying value engineering tools to projects at different levels.
  • Understanding business requirements, project scope, objective and performance requirements through value engineering.
  • Achieving real benefits by integrating value engineering with project management processes.
  • Introducing effective techniques in the different stages of value engineering, the most important of which is job analysis.

Course objectives

  • Learn about the value engineering methodology and its applications, and its impact on supporting projects.
  • Qualifying the participants to obtain the VMA certificate accredited globally and internationally by the International Society of Value Engineers (SAVE International) immediately after completing the course.
  • Finding optimal solutions to balance the actual project requirements with the available resources and means, and helping to use analytical and creative thinking.
  • Creating sufficient awareness of the importance of achieving ideal value for projects or services and eliminating unnecessary costs while raising quality and performance.
  • Knowing how to start risk management through value engineering by laying the foundation stone to determine the real costs of projects before baptizing and entering into the risks of managing changes.
  • Know how to judge the results of value engineering work and learn how to review its reports.

Targeted groups

Engineering professionals with three or more years of experience, most notably managers and supervisors of various engineering disciplines, as well as maintenance engineers, operational excellence staff, facility managers, manufacturing managers, production managers, operations managers, project managers, asset managers, quality assurance staff and engineers.

The international accreditation

The International Society of Value Engineering (SAVE International), which was founded in 1998 and was called before this date the Society of American value Engineers, which was established in 1959 AD.

It is a non-profit professional engineering association similar to other engineering professional associations that serve any of the branches of engineering sciences such as architecture, civil, electrical … etc. The aim of establishing this association is to spread awareness of the principles and concepts of value engineering technology and to develop and expand its applications around the world.

The lecturer, Eng. Ahmed Maged Ali, a certified value engineering specialist and holder of an associate’s degree in value engineering from the International Organization for Value Engineering SAVE International, after obtaining the international license as a certified trainer by the International Society for Value Engineering, has specialized in providing the best and most distinguished training courses in value methodology and engineering fields. Values ​​in particular and project management in general.

The main elements of the contents of the scientific material of the course:

  • Definition of the principles and concepts of value.
  • Training materials included in the Value Engineering Basics course according to the SAVE International methodology
  • Introduction to value engineering methodology.
  • Fundamentals of value engineering.
  • History of value engineering.
  • The internationally accredited certification system for value engineering
  • Determine the relationship between value, cost and payable price.
  • An overview of the different stages and steps of value engineering.
  • Identify the three stages of applying value engineering and the steps included in the formal study stage. These stages are:
    pre-study stage.
  • The stage of the study and its various steps:
    Data collection
    Job Analysis
    Studying and evaluating ideas
    Develop ideas
  • Post-study stage.
  • Cost analysis techniques and life cycle costs.
  • Familiarize yourself with the structure and mechanism of the international certificate exam VMA.
  • Summary of the results of the training course.

(Note that attendance is required to be interactive, with cameras open for all participants in the course’s lectures):

From March 12 to March 26 (40 training hours)

It consists of ten evening lectures from seven to ten thirty in the evening Saudi time, in addition to the revision lecture.

First week
From Saturday  to Wednesday

Then Thursday and Friday rest

Second week
From Saturday to Wednesday

Then Thursday and Friday rest

Review lecture and simulated test (the eleventh lecture) on Saturday,  God willing