Robotics course for beginners

Online price: SAR 1200

Offline Price: SAR 2400

Course Duration: 5 Days 06pm TO 10pm

Duration (Hrs) 22 Hours/Hours

Category: ٌٌRobotics

Course Mentor: ESI

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Program Overview:

Learn about robots and their types. Understand the components of a robot and the different types of sensors.

Learn how to program a robot and use sensors in its programming. Hands-on training on assembling, programming, and operating a robot.

Course Objectives:

Through this course, we will explore robots, their manufacturing process, and various types. We will understand their applications in our daily lives by enabling participants to create their own robots.

Target Audience:

Intermediate, secondary, and higher-level students.

Main Topics:

  • Understanding robots and their types.
  • Components of a robot.
  • Sensors and their types.
  • Learning how to program a robot, use sensors, and program them.
  • Practical training on assembling, programming, and operating a robot.

Program Benefits:

  • Certification accredited by the General Organization for Technical and Vocational Training.
  • Trainers who are professional engineers and experts in safety.
  • Intensive training on safety systems.

Training Course Content:

  • Introduction to the world of robots.
  • Types of robots.
  • Components of robots.
  • Robot components (mechanical and electrical).
  • Robot programming.
  • How to write robot programming code.
  • Programming sensors to perform various functions.
  • Practical projects – This unit will involve hands-on application, where we will create an exploring robot capable of recognizing and easily overcoming obstacles in front of it.