Maintenance management cycle in reducing production costs

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Course Duration: 5

Duration (Hrs) 30 Hours/Hours

Course Mentor: ESI

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Preventive maintenance is defined as a set of activities and procedures undertaken by the maintenance department, in order to maintain machinery and equipment in good operating conditions, and to avoid sudden malfunctions and failures, by addressing any shortcomings before they reach a state of breakdown or failure. It also makes the devices in a good operational condition at all times, and return them to the normal state in the event of failure, to obtain high-quality production lines, within a reasonable cost and a specific system, and to conform to the required specifications, in terms of quantity, quality and product quality, as well as health and safety requirements

General framework for maintenance

Introduction to maintenance

types of maintenance

Various maintenance systems and policies

Maintenance department tasks

Maintenance planning and scheduling

Organizing maintenance work

Implementation and oversight of maintenance work

 Operationalization of maintenance management

Production and maintenance costs

Comprehensive Productive Maintenance Program

Maintenance and its impact on the organization

Enterprise and then organizational

The effect of costs on production costs

Evaluate the results of the analysis and suggest what is appropriate

The duration of the course is 5 days

By the end of this program, the trainee will be able to:

  • Determine the required preventive maintenance tasks
  • Develop a preventive maintenance program based on the experience gained
  • Reducing the causes of collapses to the lowest level
  • Define required predictive maintenance tasks
  • Maintenance as needed
  • Define, monitor, and control maintenance program variables