ISACA COBIT5 Foundation Course

Online price: SAR 1350

Offline Price: SAR 2550

Course Duration: 4

Duration (Hrs) 32 Hours/Hours

Category: IT

Course Mentor: Engineering Science Institute for Training

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  • The COBIT certification course provides a complete framework for business governance and enterprise IT management.
  • The candidates will be introduced to five basic principles to guide them through the process of implementing IT governance in an organization.
  • COBIT 5, goes further on COBIT 4.1 and also integrates other frameworks, resources, and standards from the International Organization for Standardization (ISO).

Targeted Audience

  • This COBIT training is ideal for IT professionals and managers who wish to be more in control of their enterprise IT and actively improve business performance.


  • After completing this course, attendees should be able to:
  •  Evaluating the needs and differences between management and governance
  • Integrating COBIT 5 with Val IT and Risk IT
  • Using COBIT 5 to analyze the process effectiveness in various functions
  • Implementing COBIT 5 to assess skills, people, and competencies for successfully completing all intended business activities

The Main Topic of the Course

  • Overview of COBIT 5

Course Requirements

  • NO special requirements

Course Outlines and Training Plan

Module 1 :

  • Course Introduction

Module 2 :

  • COBIT Framework Introduction

Module 3:

  • Governance System Principles
  • Governance Framework Principles

Module 4 :

  • Governance and Management Objectives
  • Components of The Governance System
  • Focus Areas
  • Design Factors
  • Goals Cascade

Module 5 :

  • Overview of The COBIT Core Model
  • Governance and Management Objectives Purpose Statements
  • Governance and Management Objectives Detailed Guidance

Module 6 :

  • Performance Management Definition, Principles and Overview
  • Managing Performance of Processes
  • Managing Performance of Other Governance System Components

Module 7 :

  • Introduction to Designing a Tailored Governance System
  • Impact of Design Factors
  • Designing a Tailored Governance System

Module 8 :

  • Principle 1: Meeting Stakeholder Needs
  • Principle 2: Covering the Enterprise End-to-end
  • Principle 3: Applying a Single Integrated Framework
  • Principle 4: Enabling a Holistic Approach
  • Principle 5: Separating Governance From Management
  • Implementation Guidance
  • The COBIT 5 Process Capability Model