Engineering project monitor program

Offline Price: SAR 11000

Course Duration: 11 months - 44 weeks

Duration (Hrs) 880 Hours/Hours

Course Mentor: ESI

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Program Description:

The program aims to qualify professional personnel to work as supervisors for engineering projects in various fields. This is achieved by providing trainees with the necessary skills to keep up with the different elements of the implemented project, both scientifically and in the field, related to engineering projects. This includes knowledge of regulations and systems related to those projects. At the Engineering Sciences Institute for Training, through this program, we seek to qualify the trainee to understand all aspects related to the implementation of engineering projects and to be a supportive project observer in making the necessary decisions during project execution. The program aims to equip the observer with all the necessary skills for the success of engineering projects.

Program Duration:

11 months.

Program Content:

  • – Computer and Internet applications.
  • – General English language.
  • – Specialized English language and engineering terminology.
  • – Quantity calculation and estimation using advanced Excel.
  • – Engineering drawing using AutoCAD.
  • – Surveying using Total Station & Level.
  • – Principles, art, and writing of engineering reports on work progress.
  • – Timelines for engineering projects.
  • – Engineering construction management.
  • – Occupational safety at work sites.
  • – Construction technology and acceptance of engineering projects.
  • – Professional behavior and time management.
  • – Practical training on surveying devices and report writing.
  • – Practical training at project sites, including:
    1. Distribution of workers on the project.
    2. Receipt of engineering works.
    3. Monitoring work progress.
    4. Daily engineering report writing.

Program Advantages:

  • – Accredited and certified certificate from the General Authority for Technical and Vocational Training.
  • – Intensive practical training on real engineering projects.
  • – Ideal training environment in fully equipped training rooms.
  • – Trainers who are professional engineers and experts in project management.
  • – Free developmental course with a certified certificate for outstanding participants upon program completion.

Special prices for groups, companies, and government entities.

Program installment payment option available for each trainee.