Beginner to Professional in PowerPoint Course

Online price: SAR 1300

Offline Price: SAR 3750

Course Duration: 5 Days

Duration (Hrs) 20 Hours/Hours

Category: IT

Course Mentor: ESI

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Course Overview

The course covers the main advanced features of PowerPoint to create professional presentations. In particular, it will be explained how to plan and create an effective presentation,
containing text, images, logos, multimedia objects and animations. It will also be explained how to manage the phase of the delivery and how to share the final output.
The aim of the course is to teach the use of Microsoft PowerPoint to a professional level.
The course is also valuable as preparation for the ICDL Advanced Presentation (PowerPoint) certification.

Target Audience

  • Those who want to prepare for the ICDL Advanced Presentation (PowerPoint) certification.
  • Anyone who struggles to create professional PowerPoint presentations.
  • People who want to advance professionally.

Course Objectives

students should be able to:

  • Design professional presentations
  • Create and organize contents according to the objectives
  • Use graphical effects, animations and multimedia objects
  • Manage the publishing and the delivery of a presentation

Course Content

00 – Presentation planning.

01 –  The visual communication: using graphics and images.

02 – Multimedia: using audio and video.

03 – Improve the productivity.

04- Organizing and publishing a presentation.


To have a basic proficiency with PowerPoint and a good proficiency working in Windows environment.