OSHAcademy Courses


Esi has Authorized Training Partnership (ATP) Agreement with the world renowned professional organization, OSHAcademy (Occupational Safety & Health Academy) of United States of America for all its Safety, Health and Environment (HS&E) Certified Training Courses, for complete details of OSHAcademy and all its training courses, please visit its Website:  https://www.oshatrain.org or contact us at:  info@esi.edu.sa or Toll Free No.: 920009474.

Currently, Esi is offering the Training Courses of OSHAcademy are:

1.0            OSHAcademy Courses of General Industry

Esi Code Course Title Duration
OSH-880 OSH Professional 132-hour
OSH-881 OSH Manager 48-hour
OSH-882 OSH Specialist 44-hour
OSH-883 OSH Trainer (Train-the-Trainer) 36-hour
OSH-884 OSH Supervisor 36-hour
OSH-885 Safety Committee Chair 36-hour
OSH-886 Safety Committee Member 32-hour
OSH-887 General Industry Safety and Health 30-hour
OSH-888 General Industry Safety and Health 10-hour
OSH-889 General Industry: Warehouse Safety 10-hour
OSH-890 General Industry: Restaurant Safety 10-hour
OSH-891 General Industry: Housekeeping 10-hour
OSH-892 Employee Occupational Safety and Health 10-hour



2.0            OSHAcademy Training Courses of Construction

Esi Code Course Title Duration
OSH-893 Construction Safety & Health Professional 192-hour
OSH-894 Construction Safety & Health Manager 162-hour
OSH-895 Construction Site Safety Supervisor 145-hour
OSH-896 Construction Safety & Health Specialist 130-hour
OSH-897 Construction Safety & Health Trainer 47-hour
OSH-898 Construction Safety and Health 30-hour
OSH-899 Construction Safety and Health 10-hour


3.0            OSHAcademy Training Courses of Oil and Gas

Esi Code Course Title Duration
OSH-900 Oil & Gas Safety & Health Professional 233-hour
OSH-901 Oil & Gas Safety & Health Manager 192-hour
OSH-902 Oil & Gas Safety & Health Supervisor 164-hour
OSH-903 Oil & Gas Safety & Health Specialist 155-hour
OSH-904 Oil & Gas Safety & Health Train-the-Trainer 70-hour


4.0            OSHAcademy Training Courses of Healthcare

Esi Code Course Title Duration
OSH-905 Healthcare: Administration Safety 20-hour
OSH-906 Healthcare: Laboratory Safety 15-hour
OSH-907 Healthcare: Hospital Safety Specialist 15-hour
OSH-908 Healthcare: Sonography Safety 10-hour
OSH-909 Healthcare: Physical Therapy Safety 10-hour
OSH-910 Healthcare: Emergency Department Safety 10-hour
OSH-911 Healthcare: Hospital ICU Safety 10-hour
OSH-912 Healthcare: Pharmacy Safety 10-hour
OSH-913 Healthcare: Central Supply Safety 10-hour
OSH-914 Healthcare: Housekeeping Safety 10-hour
OSH-915 Healthcare: Laundry Safety 10-hour
OSH-916 Healthcare: Radiology Safety 10-hour


5.0            OSHAcademy Miscellaneous Training Courses

Esi Code Course Title Duration
OSH-917 Public Sector:   EM-385-1-1 Safety and Health 40-hour
OSH-918 HAZWOPER:  Hazardous Waste Operations and Emergency Response 40-hour
OSH-919 Specialty:   Tattoo and Body Art Employee Safety 11-hour