Technical Support Policy

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Technical Support Policy

Beneficiaries of Technical Support Services:


  • Training entities that offer and provide their training programs through the Institute of Engineering Sciences platform.
  • All trainees enrolled in training programs and courses on the Institute of Engineering Sciences platform.

Channels for Providing Technical Support:


  • Call center for customer service: 920009474 for direct calls during official working hours from Sunday to Thursday.
  • Email for services and technical support:
  • Social media applications:


WhatsApp: +966583100060

Services and Systems Covered by Technical Support:

All systems and services developed and operated by the Institute of Engineering Sciences.


Roles, Responsibilities, and Authorities:

The roles required for providing technical support are divided into several levels:


  1. Level One: Customer Service Call Center

Responsible for receiving all incoming calls and providing initial technical support based on the nature of the queries or redirecting them to the relevant department.


  1. Level Two: Supportive Operational Department

This department ensures the completion of the technical support process and verifies its resolution.


Working Hours:

5 days a week – 12 hours daily – from 9 AM to 9 PM.


Beneficiary Satisfaction:

The level of service quality provided and the satisfaction of the beneficiary upon completing the training program are measured through an assessment sent via email.”


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