Subscription and payment terms

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Subscription and payment terms

To Benefit from Services

  • To benefit from the services provided at the Engineering Sciences Institute for Training, please read the policies carefully.
  • Course bookings can only be made through the communication channels available in the post or on the website.
  • When subscribing, it is your responsibility to ensure that all the information provided is accurate and precise.
  • The Engineering Sciences Institute for Training is not responsible for the non-execution of requests in case of the submission of inaccurate information.



  • The full fees are to be paid on or before the first day of the developmental course, and installment systems are only followed for qualification courses.
  • Commitment to paying the due amount for the training course within the appropriate period.
  • The center reserves the right to change the fees according to annual economic studies.
  • All prices include a 15% Value Added Tax.
  • All training course fees are presented in the local currency (Saudi Riyal) and are immediately payable through payment methods.
  • The Engineering Sciences Institute for Training accepts payment through the following methods: Visa, Mastercard, Mada, Cash.
  • The Institute is not liable for any error by the trainee in the payment process or for any exposure of the credit card used in payment to online piracy or fraud.
  • The trainee is committed to paying all due fees for the courses in which they enroll.
  • Ensure that the information used in payment is correct, precise, and valid before completing the payment process.
  • The payment receipt must be sent to the number 0583100060 to confirm the payment.
  • Retain the payment receipt because in case of refund requests, the payment receipt will be required.
  • If the number of course registrants is not sufficient, the course will be postponed. The client will be informed 24 hours before the course date and time. The client is not entitled to claim any compensation.
  • All the advertised offers on the website are for individuals only and do not include government sectors and companies.
  • All prices displayed on the website do not include Value Added Tax.