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Common questions

Is the institute licensed and accredited?

Yes, the institute is licensed and accredited by the Saudi Public Institution for Technical and Vocational Training, with license number 224184761812. The Engineering Sciences Institute for Training operates under the supervision of the Saudi Public Institution for Technical and Vocational Training, the Saudi Council of Engineers , and major international companies to enhance skills and competencies in the engineering sector at all levels.

Are the certificates accredited?

Yes, all the institute’s programs, from qualification to developmental courses, are accredited by the Saudi Public Institution for Technical and Vocational Training (TVTC), and trainees are entitled to a certified training certificate from the TVTC upon completion of the training program.

What other accreditations does the institute have?

  • An institute accredited by the American Project Management Institute (PMI® ATP)
  • A training and testing institute accredited by AUTODESK®
  • PEARSON VUE accredited international testing center

What are the training advantages you offer?

The institute provides various advantages to trainees to ensure the best academic and practical opportunities during and after the training period, including:

  • Highly qualified and internationally certified instructors.
  • Original curriculum copies (books + CDs) provided for each trainee free of charge.
  • A kit for each trainee containing all necessary training materials.
  • Certification authenticated by the companies whose products are part of the training.
  • Certificates accredited by the Saudi General Authority for Technical Education and Vocational Training.
  • Engineering programs, references, and an electronic library available for trainees.
  • An ideal training environment equipped with support services required by trainees during training.
  • Morning and evening training sessions suitable for everyone.
  • All devices are up-to-date and loaded with the latest operating system versions.
  • All trainers are internationally certified by the General Authority for Technical Education and Vocational Training and the supervising international companies.

Do trainees receive certificates in English?

Yes, each trainee receives two certificates in both Arabic and English for each training course.

How can I book a seat for a training course?

  • You fill out the registration form and send it
  • Pay a refundable 100 riyals to confirm your reservation
  • (You will be contacted and informed of the start date of the course when the number of people registered for the course is complete and the rest of the amount has been paid (with a minimum of 10 trainees per course).

What is the minimum number required to conduct a course?

A minimum of 10 trainees is required for the course to take place.

What are the payment methods at the institute?

  • Payment methods include online transactions at the institute
  • bank transfers to the institute’s account at Al Rajhi Bank
  • and cash payments at the institute.

How can I request a refund for amounts paid?

In case of withdrawal from a course before its start or when requesting a refund of the booking amount, you need to fill out a “Refund Request” form. Upon submission, you will be informed, and the amount will be transferred to your account.

I want to print a replacement or damaged certificate, what’s the process?

You need to first fill out a “Certificate Printing Request” form. Our team will verify your information and then send the certificate electronically to your email.

Does the certificate specify whether the course is online or in-person?

The certificates do not specify if the course is online or in-person; They are uniform for all courses.

I want to accredit a course that is not available with you. What should I do?

You can request accreditation for a new course by filling out a “New Course Request” form here.

I’m looking for training opportunities with you. How can I proceed?

You can submit any course you wish to offer, and we will issue accredited certificates for trainees. To start, you need to fill out a “Training Request” form, after which we’ll verify your data and eligibility for training and contact you to complete the remaining requirements and necessary conditions.