CompTIA Security + Certification

Online price: SAR 1400

Course Duration: 4 weeks

Duration (Hrs) 25 Hours/Hours

Category: IT

Course Mentor: ESI

Information Security Certification Overview

The first certificate in the world of information security that you must obtain

CompTIA Security+ is the first security certification that IT professionals must earn. It outlines the basic knowledge required for any cybersecurity role and provides a starting point for mid-level cybersecurity jobs. The Security+ course includes best practices in solving practical problems to ensure that security professionals have practical skills in solving security problems.

Cybersecurity professionals with Security+ know exactly how to handle security incidents.

Course objectives
In this course, the skills you will gain are:

  • Mitigating threats
  • Encryption and authentication
  • User-Based Security
  • Applications and security
  • Wired and wireless network security
  • Secure access
  • penetration testing
  • Enterprise security
  • Business continuity

Course contents

  • Mitigating threats
    System maintenance
    Application security
    Equipment and building security
    Social engineering


  • Encryption
    Symmetric cipher
    Public key encryption


  • Authentication
    Authentication: Factors and Requirements
    Documentation systems
    Weaknesses in the authentication system


  • User-Based Security
    Basic Security Policies
    Access to resources


  • Ocean Environment Security
    Encryption of files and disks
    Mobile security


  • Main infrastructure
    Public Key Infrastructure (PKI) implementation
    Web server security with PKI


  • Applications and security
    Application security
    Email Security
    Social networks


  • Ports and their protocols
    TCP/IP Basics
    Protocol-Based Attacks


  • Network Security
    Network devices
    A secure network topology
    Secure Communication Networks
    Virtualization and the cloud


  • Wireless Network Security
    Safety of Wireless Network Security
    Mobile security


  • Safe Access
    Remote access
    Virtual Private Networks


  • Penetration testing
    Risk assessment
    Checking and recording
    Intrusion detection and prevention systems
    Incident response


  • Enterprise Security
    Regulatory Policies
    Education and Training


  • Business continuity
    Continuity planning
    Disaster recovery
    Environmental controls


  • Mitigating threats
    System maintenance
    Application security
    Equipment and building security
    Social Engineering

There are no requirements.

Targeted individuals

  • Information security expert
  • Network Security Administrator
  • Risk Analyst

CompTIA Security Plus Certification is an international global standard to verify the basic skills needed by an information security expert. To obtain this international certificate, you must pass the following exam:

  • (SYO-501 Exam).

Training language

Duration of the course
4 weeks, 32 hours