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       Engineering Science Institute for Training & Development is the unique of its kind in K.S.A. since it is the only Institute that provides a high            quality training in the specialized knowledge in engineering field with all its specializations branches.

      The Institute of Engineering Science Institute for Training & Development has been established in order to develop the engineering                     knowledge   &skills of the professionals to achieve advanced levels of quality in developing the contents of the training programs & the                 methods and means   of training and the standards of trainers selection ,in addition to qualifying engineers & technicians who are capable to       join the engineering sectors through a wide group of the training programs which of high levels, international standards and efficient in                 supplying the labor market with distinctive human cadres who have professional skills which efficiently contribute in the economic                         development projects .

      Engineering Science Institute for Training &Development woks under the supervision of the Technical and Vocational Training Corporation           (TVTC) & the Saudi Council of engineers and the most giant international companies for reinforcing the skills and competencies of the                 engineering sector’s professionals with all its levels.






  •  Accredited Institute from TVTC
  • Accredited Institute from Saudi Council of Engineers
  • Approved Educational Provider From AACE International
  • Registered Educational Provider From PMI®
  • Accredited Institute from AUTODESK®
  • Authorized Test Center from Pearson VUE®


    A package of advantages is provided to the trainee in order to facilitate the best academic & working opportunities during and after the                 training   period as follows:

  1. Trainers of a high academic qualifications & approved internationally by the companies supervising the institute.
  2. Free original copies of the syllabuses (books +CDS) for each trainee.
  3. A bag containing all the requirements that the trainee needs during there training period.
  4. Obtaining an exemplified certified certificate by the companies that the training is performed on their products.
  5. Obtaining an exemplified certified certificate by the general corporation of technical education & vocational training.
  6. Electronic programs, labs, references and a library all are available for the trainees.
  7. Morning & evening training sessions suitable for all trainees.
  8. Ideal perfect training environment & atmosphere containing all the supportive services required by the trainee during the training period.
  9. All the apparatuses are modern and uploaded with the latest versions of operation systems.
  10. All the instructors & lecturers are approved by the general corporation for Technical education and by the international companies supervising the training programs.